Why I’m Voting for Trump
John Biggs


I certainly can empathized with your opinion. For at least the past couple of decades, we have not been well served by our representative government. Of course, this is not a Democrat or Republican thing, its a “what do I need to do to become re-elected” thing.

Of course, this “thing” is not representing any of us very well, no matter where or how we habituate. We are all tired of “government as usual”.

My problem with the choice of Donald Trump is not his politics. As a small business person, there are things that he says about our economy that resonates with me also.

My problem is his leadership, or rather, his lack of it. While Ms. Clinton certainly has her faults, Mr. Trump has shown, time and time again, that he will say or do whatever he thinks will get attention from his followers. Also, he has shown a complete lack of respect for women, people of color and people like me, those who actually pay attention to what he says and does.

You see John, there is such a thing as character, and, simply by listening and watching the things he’s said and done during this election cycle, my conclusion is that Mr. Trump deeply lacks it.

Yes, you may vote for Mr. Trump because you a tired of “politics as usual” and the feeling of not being listened to but I’m afraid that this path will send us down a path that will divide us even more.

What I want for us is the same thing you do, for us to once again, have civil discussions about our differences. Its only by listening to each other can we begin to understand the challenges we face as a nation.

I also, more than anything, want our politicians to use politics for not just getting themselves re-elected and/or lining their pockets but rather for coming up with solutions that address real problems we all face.

Again, I do appreciate you and your beliefs.

God Bless America


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