Response to Designed Objects

As Drescher states, a book can be considered the collection of old and new works that are linked into one platform, where all the diverse perspectives from scholars and our history can be accessed(Drescher, 2010). A distinguishable trait of a book is that it contains page numbers, a table of contents which enabled efficient navigation through the book to find the information you need in a matter of flipping a single page(Houston, 2016). Books are unique because it is the predecessor of a scroll, and it brings the physicality that ebooks and tablets cannot provide.

I believe the most important necessary element that help lead the innovation of the book today is: “The capacity of integrating a new form into existing informations and systems”(Kilgour, 5). I believe that the evolution of books has reached it’s potential where, books are now easily accessible with the help of ebooks. To evolve further, it is necessary to find new forms in which, the existing information can still be delivered while giving the readers a new experience.

20 Observations:

  1. Big words on the very front and on the side.
  2. Unlike the front, lots of words on the back side.
  3. Contains numbering on the edges of each pieces of paper.
  4. Once in awhile, the font gets bigger than usual.
  5. Bigger fonts are followed by a number alluding to change.
  6. Words with slightly bigger fonts on top of each paper
  7. Also has the same pictures on the edge where the numbers are located.
  8. Some pages contains more words than others.
  9. each individual paper is the same color as previous except for the very front and very back
  10. Random bolding of words in random areas of the pages
  11. The front and back papers are significantly thicker than any other pages.
  12. Couple pages in the front have smaller fonts than usual.
  13. Some pages contains pictures of some sort.
  14. Only the front and back is colored (sky blue color)
  15. There is a rectangular box with black lines of various sizes on the back
  16. Sometimes, other symbols such as arrows are used in the pages
  17. Various fonts and font sizes used on the very back side
  18. On specific pages, the beginning starts off with big fonts followed by smaller fonts
  19. every page is the same length in terms of the length of the paper.
  20. Has someone’s name on the front, side, and back.

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