I’m alive. I’m alive. And not because I breathe. But because I am living proof of the very merry dream. I can account the times I’ve failed to the times I have succeeded. I learned to stop crying when I fall because my history will never be deleted.

I’m alive. I’m alive. And not because there’s blood running through my veins. But because I am source for positive motivation and not pain. When I make up my mind to develop an idea and accomplish goals, I commit to my agenda and remember my role.

I’m alive. I’m alive. I’m alive because I say so. Because I will be the one who pronounces my life’s end. I won’t die until the dream does and I can’t dream another. We will continue to live our lives not listening to outside forces. You are not alive because your heart beats, you cannot live just because you have active blood cells. You only live when the soul encased inside you is at ease when storms come.

I'm alive. I’m alive. Come be alive with me.

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