What Islam means to the White Male- Through the lens of a Bullet Covered in Bacon Grease

It’s a little ridiculous that after more than 20 years of being born and raised in the US, having received a proper American education, and chosen to serve a career in the public sector, that I am deemed a terrorist or a demon in the eyes of the White Male. It’s also a little ridiculous knowing that due to the unforeseen nature of terrorist attacks that the White Male feels that he has the privilege to take matters into his own hands. How obscene it is that the White Male believes he has privileges…oh, wait…

You’re right, White Male, I am of the nature of the unforeseen, I am the modest and the hopeful, I am the one you will never understand. For too long, you have maneuvered your way around every person that does not carry the color of your skin or the same genitalia. For too long, you have weakened all other races and ethnicity in your eyes, just so that you may carry on with yourself as you do in 892 other Active Hate Groups that exist in this Country. Staring at a map created by the Southern Poverty Law Center, I’m throwing up in my mouth a little as I noticed a Black Separatist Group is only miles away from my home.

Just understand, while you frustrate me enough to want me to pull out my hair or have transcended into a more hateful organization of individuals who deserve no respect, you may carry on with your hate. Please continue loading your rifles with bacon grease and practicing aiming bullets at Muslims…good luck finding them because not all of them wear Hijab or grow beards. In fact, lots of them look like you — they’re fathers, mothers, teachers, scientists and you probably have one in your doctor’s office. In fact, some of them are working on curing cancer, plotting expeditions in space to see the unknown, and more. Some of them are activists, like I, who fight for everyone and anyone they can. It’s too bad you don’t see that.

Your stories make me tremble and your tactics even more so. You have frightened many and have won. What then comes after the millions you are plotting to kill? You are right in a few instances, extremists are bad. Very, very bad. I’m also aware that while I call out the White Man, not every white man out there deems to be as hateful as you are. It’s shameful that as time and politics seem to progress, it is no war or disease that sets us back, instead it is our decision to stay away from educating ourselves in the matter.

Jihad is not easy to understand; even some of us Muslims find it hard to interpret. Though as we choose to live, many have chosen to live lives of peace and trust and forming bonds— after all, we call everyone a brother and sister. The Quran claims that even as people commit hateful acts, we must not judge and understand that there is always room to forgive. It is hard to unsee the hateful crimes committed but I, and my family, will always forgive. May you stop characterizing a group of people as extremists. On this very Memorial Day, my own parents recognized the innocent and most courageous lives gone too soon as they fought for not only their land, but their independence, justice and freedom.

As we commemorate this Holiday, may we lend an ear and encourage others to learn a little more about Islam rather than making assumptions of a group that does not deserve a bacon-grease topped bullet.

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