Chapter one: Where it all began

If you are reading this story then you should ask yourself, what will happen if you put 12 celebrities in a huge mansion on an island every summer? Well, good things can happen. Like all of them doing an entertaining interview together or maybe traveling mirthfully in a plane. But more than likely horrible things could happen. Such as people falling in love with the wrong person, cheating or even jealously. Maybe this could all lead to a murder.

It all began one evening in 2014. A well known actress named Alba Reynolds decided to buy an island. The island had white sand and a huge mansion was being built on it. It was called the Alba island and it had a bridge leading to L.A. It cost her 12 million to buy the island and was going to take 8 million to design the island but, it was all worth it. Alba planned to make the island a popular reality show full of celebrities years from then.

May 19th 2017

It was now May of 2017 and Alba had 12 well known celebrities who signed contracts with her now. This reality show did not pay the stars but help the poor,bullied,starving and needy. It was the latest thing trending on the internet. Everybody was gossiping about how much drama and money was in the show.

The Alba mansion grand entrance

There Alba was walking down the grand entrance. She had a smile upon her face as bright as her pink shoes tapping against the wooden floor. Alba enjoyed the fresh smell throughout the mansion. She walked up the soft,red carpet on the stairs and as she reached the top and turned her blue eyes brightened. The first celebrity arrived and she was absolutely stunning!

The young woman had light blonde hair,grey eyes and a huge smile. “Alania! You are early girl!” Alba was upbeat about seeing the first star arrive. “Well i had to be. I am going to leave out before anybody else comes around. “Darling is that it or are you nervous about being the youngest?” “WHAT! Haha..NO. I’m 17 and should be fine.” Alba’s eyes bounced around Alania’s multicolored dress. “I do love that outfit though” Alania’s dress was white with splatters of blue,yellow,pink and orange. She was wearing red stiletto heels with a bright red flower tucked in her hair. Glittery pink lip gloss covered her lips as peach eye shadow covered her eyelids. Alania smelled like flowers and even looked as lovely as one too.

“Thanks! Listen i really have to go but, tell those bell boys to take my suitcases to my room. I’ll be back with more.” “Sure Alania. Come around soon!” Alania ran out the door and went inside her limo. Twenty minutes passed and as Alba was exploring the large and modern kitchen she heard a speedy car. Alba stared out the window and saw it was the duo Cigarette lighters. “Andrew and Zander! You guys are here in time!” Alba walked out the light colored door and tucked her white buttoned shirt underneath her grey shirt. “Whoa! This place looks better than when we signed the 2 year contract! Zander was excited. “You’re right Zander this place looks stunning”Andrew said as he dragged a medium sized,light green suitcase. “I’m glad you like it here….”

Before Alba could complete her sentence the Cigarette lighters could smell sweet flowers in the air. “What’s that smell?” Questioned Zander. “Oh! Alania’s perfume” Alba responded casually but Andrew’s eyes widen. “HER! Why would you have HER be here?” “Well Andrew it’s not about the age but her fame..you guys can settle with that right?” Zander had a really quick response “No!” Alba was now confused with Zander’s reaction “Well she seems like a nice person and unless she is a killer than your issues with HER is irrelevant!” “It’s not that we have an issue with her its that she has an issue with herself!” Andrew sounded upset “What does that mean?” “ She’s too mentally upset and grabs too much attention and too much drama….it’s hard to explain!” The Cigarette lighters were starting to sound crazy but at that moment the doorbell rang.

A young woman with curly,thin,light brown hair stood in front of Alba as she opened the door. She was wearing a tight red dress,with a red hairband that had a bow attached to it. Her shoes were black with a red bottom. Jewelry was on her neck,both fore arms and ears. “Marian!” Alba was surprised to see the singer arrive early. “Oh hi there Alba darling….where’s everyone?” “Well most of the members have not come yet” Alba said nervously. “Ugh! Bell boy show me my room!” Marian ignored the new breakout stars, Cigarette lighters. “What’s up with her?” Questioned Zander. “Mind the 20 year old Marian Reymonds. She has been around ever since she was 10” Andrew giggled. “So that chick thinks she’s the bomb!” “I have a feeling she will not like Alania” Alba sounded worried.

5:00 PM (Later that day)

Hours passed and the Pageant queen Karen Hart walked into the living room as the Cigarette lighters were playing beats. “Nice beats” Karen had a huge smile on her face. “Thanks! They are mine.” Zander was blushing. “I like that skirt of yours” Karen was wearing a light pink golf skirt and a white polo shirt. Her thick, black hair was straitened under a dark pink head band. Her shoes were plain,white high tops. “Umm thank you, i like your white shirt and grey sweater” Karen ran upstairs as the bell boys showed her to her room.

It didn't take long for more of Alania’s crew to arrive before she did. Doni ran into the living room with her sports pants and sweat shirt along with black, puma sneakers. “Sup Drew and Zander!” Doni had met the Cigarette lighters many times before. “Hey! Karen came in but Lilyanne or Alania not yet” Andrew responded. “Thanks! i’ll go up to my room and then we can make some sick beats!” Before Doni could pick up one of her bags Lilyanne stopped her. “DONI! Omg it’s been like a whole year since i’ve seen you!”

Lilyanne looked stunning. She had her light,brown hair in long curls. Her lips were stained in thick red lipstick and her eye shadow was brown. Lilyanne’s eyelashes were long and thick from the mascara and her eyes were vibrant with light green.Which looked even more vibrant her dark skin. She was wearing black,ripped, skinny jeans with a light blue crop top and her black heels had golden stripes.

Doni’s face filled with shock and happiness. “Yes it has! How are you Lily?” “I’m doing fine if you’re doing fine!” “Lily let me help you with your suitcases girl!” The two girls ran down the hallways. Alba walked in and behind her were the Karlsstone twins. Halie Karlsstone had bright pink hair and her smokey brown eye shadow matched her dark brown eyes. Amy Karlsstone had bright blue hair and green, glossy lipstick. Both girls where wearing a pink dress with a silver band around their waist. Amy had black heels matching her eye shadow and Hailie’s pink shoes that matched her lip gloss. The twins had their long heads of hair dressed with red headbands.

“UGH! I didn’t know a ghetto tomboy was going to be here” Said Halie “Eww i hope Alania isn’t coming!” Responded Amy “Don’t talk about my girl like that! You two bright headed tricks” Lilyanne walked up from the hallways to the twins. “Whoa girls cool down. I don’t want a chick fight here” Zander liked to keep the peace. Seconds later the Karlsstone twins were dragging their suitcases up the steps. As they were the young and handsome Daniel Brians walked in. “Hey guys how y’all doing!” “Hey Daniel your little girlfriend isn’t here yet. Doni teased Daniel about his feelings for Alania. He wore grey,sweat shirt with bold,blue words saying (famous). He had grey sweatpants and white sneakers. His light blonde hair was wrapped in a white bandana. At the very thought of Alania Daniel blushed. “Guys she’s not my gf now excuse me while i head to my room on the level above.” He ran upstairs in a hurry as if Alania was to enter the room any second from now.

8;30 pm that night

Hours past and by now almost everybody in the mansion was in the living room listening to Cigarette lighters’ Edms. But soon people who were not stars of the reality show appeared. Not Alania winter but her half sister Alayiah Winter,her half brother Veron winter and Alania’s dad who was a legendary rapper nicknamed Daddy winter. Alayiah walked in with her thick,curly, black hair covered in a peach beach hat. She had a body fit dark, black dress with a large black bow rapping to her back. Her eyelashes decorated her sharp, light, green eyes. Daddy winter walked in with his large body frame in a matter of swag. He wore a white head cap and a white shirt saying his name on it. Beside Daddy winter was Veron. He was wiping his blonde hair out of his face and tucking his gold chains in his pockets. He was grinning with his pearly white teeth and bold blue eyes. Veron was rather sharp in his green jacket and Jordan sneakers. Not that he had his father’s swag. Veron and Daddy greeted everybody and headed down the hallway to the guest rooms. Alayiah strutted her way into the living room focuses on her phone ignoring everybody’s hellos.

However, it did not take long for Alayiah’s eyes to look up from her phone. Beat Boiz walked in. Everybody’s eyes looked up,the room was no longer filled with conversations and laughter. The two Beat Boiz were giggling themselves from their conversation in the elevator. Following them was Alba whom was visibly weary. “Everyone welcome Hard Henry and Sleight of Beat Boiz. They are not stars but are featuring in some episodes” Alayiah’s eyes shot up at not Hard Henry but Sleight. “Well welcome Beat Boiz” She walked right up to the duo and winked at Sleight. “Thanks.” Replied Henry in a chill manner. Sleight ignored Alayiah’s wink and turned to Alba. “Are me and brother going to share a room or not?” “Nope there are 34 bedrooms here” Alba walked off.

11 PM that night

Alba left and most of the stars arrived. There were drinks and snacks being served. Every one was having a great time. But during this time Alayiah kept staring at Sleight. She adored his short dreads that where black but he wore them in a clean way. You could spot his bold and bright, light, brown eyes miles away. He was inches taller than his brother and gained more attention. Hard Henry had shorter black dreads and a bit more muscle.

11 30 pm that night,everybody was drinking and laughing. Alayiah still had her eyes on Sleight and Marian noticed it but, Sleight had his eyes on someone else. The elevator opened and it was Alayiah’s worst nightmare,Alania Winter. Her hair turned dark brown as it usually does at night. Her eyes were light purple as it often does at night. Alania’s dress was a flashy shade of red and she had glittering,silver belt. Her neck was dressed in diamonds of the same color. Her shoes were black and coated in diamonds as well. Alania’s hair was in a long ponytail and it moved side to side as she struggled with her suitcases. But as she did her white pearls around her neck glimmered. “That bi%@h always takes away my attention” Alania’s sister saw Sleight gazing at Alania as if she was a goddess.

“SIS! Why were you so late?” Said Veron in a cherry voice. “Sorry i was late,i was on an interview” “That explains your barbie doll dress up style” Alayiah remarked rudely. But the room stopped at Alania and how lovely she looked. She was the best looking woman in the room if anyone was honest. Alania walked through the grand entrance and nearly tripped. She tripped next to Sleight.

“Oh my god sorry!” “Thats okay. Are you Alania Winter?” “(HE KNOWS MY NAME! I’M A HUGE FAN OF HIS AND HE KNOWS ME!)” Alania thought to herself. She gasped. “Whats wrong Alania?” Questioned Veron as he walked up to the two. “Umm nothing but ummm thank you soooo much Sleight,I love Beat Boiz. I mean im a huge fan.” Before Sleight could respond Hard Henry appeared. “Wow, Alania. That girl that’s like one of the most famous singers of your age. Glad you are a fan.” “Hi Henry!” “We should do a collab.” Alania’s eyes widen at Henry’s request. But before she could scream yes Marian stepped in. “Oh hi Alania i love that dress. Alba told me your room is 201 at the top of the stairs. OKAY?” Marian sounded rather upset Alania was there. “Umm okay thank you and i’ll see everyone later.” The 17 year old hugged herself through the crowd and walked up the stairs in a slow but sexy manor. The most intimidating part is that Alania never did this on purpose, it was just her.

May 20th 2017 9;15

It was the next day,the sun was smiling on the sand. Alania walked down the stairs. “Alania! Girl i’m glad you’re here” Lilyanne was happy to see her best friend. “Hey Lily did Doni wake up?” Alania had a large and lovely smile on her face. “Not yet, i think she’s ordering cameras though.” “Let me guess she’s going to put them throughout the mansion and spy on everyone.” “Alania i thought it was cute how you fell into Sleight’s arms” Lilyanne passed Alania a cup of steamy,black coffee. “I almost did but i didn’t but…..i hope we do a collab.” She walked from the kitchen and in front of the wall sized glass, windows and stared at the sky. “Morning Lilyanne and Alania” Daniel was blushing as he shoved his shiny,blond hair back. Alania gave Daniel a stare and giggled to herself. “Hey Danny.” She walked up to him and placed her right hand on his shoulder. “Your sister is bashing you on Instagram again” Daniel looked at Alania. Lilyanne shook her head. “WHEN WILL THIS JEALOUS TRICK LEAVE ALANIA ALONE!” Alania simply shrugged her shoulders holding her coffee and walked out in the elevator.

1:30 pm Hours later

“Hey Alania,getting a tan?” Doni walked up to Alania while she was laying in the sun. “Yeah…What’s that in your hand” Doni was holding her pc. “I set up all the cameras in every room and some outside! Doni made one click on the pc and showed the basement in which was a hang out spot. It showed Sleight and his brother hanging out with Alayiah and Daniel. Alania didn’t know why then but her eyes widen and she bolted her eyes away. “To be honest with you i think Sle…..What’s wrong Alania?” “Nothing! Why?…Why?..You ask?” Alania couldn’t even speak right. “Never mind. But look!”

At that moment Karly Kandid (Alania’s best model friend)spotted Alania and Doni with her dark,green eyes. Karly ran up to the two with her dark blonde hair and dark brown highlights blowing. “OH MY GOD ALANIA! Look at us wearing the same yellow bikinis.” “Ms. Kandid has it been weeks or what?” responded Alania in a cheerful manner. “Check out my cameras around the place Karly!” Doni interrupted. “Oh wow!” Karly seemed shocked. “He’s cute!” “What? No Karly the camera not the…ohhhhh” Doni turned to Alania as she pretended to sip her bloody mary. “WHAT? Why look at me Doni?”Alania shouted. “Wait, Doni does she like him” “Oh Karly i don’t know,maybe we should ask Alania” Doni said in sarcasm. “UGH Shut your bumble bee mouths up. No okay? NO!” “Okay if you say so but we are your friends,tell us everything.” Responded Karly. Seconds later the Karlsstone sisters ran up in their matching pink bikinis. “Ohhhh hey! Did we hear somebody has a crush on somebody? Halie sounded as rude as a thunderstorm. “NO!” “Hey Sleight, so glad you joined. Did you know that a girl in this group LIKES you?” Amy greeted Sleight and Alba. “Who what Amy?” Sleight was confused “Nothing Sleight but everybody get dressed, cameras are coming soon! Alba announced following the twins.


AUTHOR: As im sure you noticed, this is a long story but only the first chapter. Not all characters has entered the scene and not all emotions has entered either. Alania has 7 more years to live her life and im giving you the chance to relive her legacy. But as an author who wants you to read her next chapter i will spoil it for you. Her half sister is jealous of her,three of her co-stars hate her and soon her ex, will hate he as well. But for now it seems as if everybody likes somebody in the group. Hope you stay around to see the next chapter.