Imagine Dragons Cares about the Refugee Crisis (and you should too)
Dan Reynolds

Dan, this is an incredibly important message to be sharing, and you have done so in a very personal, personable way. This problem we face as global citizens — entirely regardless of ‘nationality’ — is so infinitely vast and multifaceted that it is intangible, and insoluble through one approach alone. However, I also believe in the power of One, and I very much hope that your message has inspired many Ones into action.

My contribution to the cause is thus: I spent two weeks (which I know is very little time and I wish I had gone out months earlier) volunteering on Lesvos island, one of the main arrival points from Turkey, and I then embarked on the journey through Europe, adopting life as a refugee, to show — as you have stressed — that a ‘refugee’ is no different to us; it could be you or me in that situation. I also wanted to combat the prevailing media coverage, describing ‘swarms’ of refugees and turning people into numbers, and to recentre the focus of the discussion on the individual experience and the humans at the centre of the crisis.

Please do read my blog, where I have written about the journey. I would very much like to discuss this further with you, and I would be very grateful if you could reply to this or get in touch on my page.

Very best wishes.

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