Yeah, I didn’t realize that you weren’t responding to my original comment on Katie’s article where…

I apologize for the confusion and thank you for the clarification.

I admit that I was (and continue to remain largely) unfamiliar with Charles Murray prior to this article, but arguing that intelligence is a greater predictor of success than socioeconomic factors, and therefore white people are more intelligent seems to be a rather fringe right perspective.

Personally, I don’t think that Milo or any other fringe thinker should be given a platform to speak uninterrupted (and no a Q&A panel doesn’t suffice). I don’t think they should be completely shouted down either, which is why I didn’t care that Maher “debated” Milo (although they didn’t really do that).

I can’t speak to why people were protesting Condoleeza, but considering her role in our war on terror and how unapologetic she has been about the whole thing, if she was coming to my area I would probably protest her mere existence myself.

Finally, these speakers are invited on to college campuses, but that doesn’t mean the student body cannot peacefully protest and effectively prevent them from speaking. I personally don’t like that some people were physically attacked and think it is morally wrong, but it is a bit hypocritical to bemoan your inability to exercise your freedom of speech on a college campus when the students who actually go to that school are exercising their freedom of speech and telling you to get bent.

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