Couldn’t this just be a self-fulfilling prophecy though?
Charlie Walters

“The more educated you become, the more time you spend learning from liberal professors, who in turn have a major impact on your viewpoint, thought process, etc.”

That is why I said “You can argue the reasons.” I can’t tell you precisely the reason, but I can tell you personally what happened with me. I went to a Catholic high school (super conservative), then went to a Christian university for undergrad (super conservative), and then went to a fairly conservative law school (only the conservative Justices speak at my alma mater). So throughout my most impressionable time I was being taught by mainly conservative thinkers and educators. Also, during this time I started as pretty far on the right, listening to Rush as much as I could and watching Fox News regularly, but became more and more liberal, to the point where I am as about as far to the left as you can go without blaming Obama for everything.

The reason for this is because despite the subject matter being taught, I was learning critical thinking and broadening my perspective which caused me to self-analyze, discover my core beliefs, and realized that my core beliefs did not match my political affiliation (this was actually a sudden realization I had my first year in law school).

I personally think that the right relies on a lot of rhetoric and not honest to God facts and analysis to prop up their positions (which is why the EPA is being gutted as we speak) and so when you apply critical thinking to what both sides are saying and cut through the rhetoric, you see that one side is right and the other is wrong.

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