But there’s no actual reason why today, February 21 2017 is LEBRON JAMES DAY.
Roman Rollins

We figured nothing else was happening in the NBA world, so why not celebrate Bron, right?”

Whether it is Grantland or The Ringer, Bill Simmons’ sites always have content for one specific event or person, the timing of which can appear random. His birthday is December 30th so the content would largely be lost to lower traffic and New Years Eve/Day articles. Additionally, any anniversary would be during a pivotal part of the NBA season and would therefore not be a great time to run this day (although, I will grant you if the Cavs were to win the championship again this season, that would be the perfect time to run this content — but that isn’t happening). Running it during the off-season would be even more random and wouldn’t generate as many clicks as people wouldn’t be all that engaged with the NBA at that point (just imagine The Ringer running a “Tom Brady Day” in July).

The All-Star break appears to be the best time to run this content as there is an engaged audience, and not much competition for articles/clicks that are related to the NBA. Of course, that isn’t quite true this year due to the Kings being the most incompetent franchise in the league and the Lakers being the third most incompetent. But I think you should be able to see what their thinking was.

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