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Different countries experienced a significant rise in their real estate market from the past few years due to factors like growth in population and urban expansion.

Investing in a real estate generates wealth because of appreciation, accumulated equity over time, and generates passive income from rental. Through these emerging markets, investors focus on top real estate projects where they are able to identify profitability coupled with a relatively good rental return.

According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report, Forth Worth in Texas is the top in emerging property market in United States this 2019. It continues to attract the investors due to its low cost of doing business, living, and the tax efficiency.

Since the business boom in Charlotte, the largest city in North Carolina, United States, investors have been investing on the properties and condos which has increased the capital appreciation over time.

For Hoi Chi Minh City in Vietnam, high-end real estate has been making waves within the local and overseas interest and investment. There is an increase of flashy towers of glass and steel along the city’s skyline that symbolized the country’s economic advancement and growing luxury property market. The nation’s financial growth also increased as Vietnamese buyers and foreigners play a significant role in transforming the fast modernizing metropolis.

Even London, Geneva, Paris and Monaco continue to command Europe’s highest property prices, the other cities are emerging and is increasingly popular with international buyers, offering excellent returns. The city of Lisbon in Portugal has recently seen demand for property purchases sky rocket. This is in part due to the golden visa system where foreign buyers who invest €350,000 in underdeveloped areas or €500,000 in the up-market segment can gain a fast track to citizenship as well as a favorable tax rate for new high-earning residents.

This industry generates long-term investments returns as the value increases over time, which is the main reason why investors chooses the emerged property markets. The real estate sector has consistently been one of the economy’s growth drivers for years.


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