Helping Agents/Brokers to Receive Their Full Commission Faster

2 min readMar 28, 2018

With a continual growth and a shortage of housing to match the rising market demands, real estate agents and brokers are experiencing some of the best years of the market. Demand for mid and high-end residential projects and prime commercial spaces remains high with the major developers having a positive outlook on the market with new launches.

With the growth of the new sale segment, agents and brokers are tapping into the growing interests from foreign investors and Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are beginning to channel their overseas income into the real estate market in view of capitalizing of the ever-growing economy of the Philippines.

However, with each new project scheduled to be completed over a span of generally 4–5 years as a project size of 1,000 units is very common in the Philippines; the problem that agents and brokers face on the ground is that they are not paid their commission in full.

The issue arises as payment terms for new project sale generally has 20% to 50% of the project value spread out for the buyer over the construction phase. The country’s banking system does not provide for progressive payment lending, as such, developers have to bear the risks of funding the construction till completion. This results in developers paying the agents and brokers progressively dependent on receiving payment from the buyer over the construction phase.

The IAT Platform aims to resolve this issue for agents and brokers by undertaking their commission receivables from the developers so that they are able to receive their commission faster and in full dependent on the project’s construction schedule.

This is achieved by having back to back smart contracts set up between IAT-Developer and IAT-Agent/Broker. This means that we will be undertaking the risk by paying the agent/broker their commission first and subsequently receiving it from the developer when it is due.

The benefit for the company will be for us to underwrite the property and having the first right of refusal to acquire it below market value (valuation would have increased over the course of the construction phase) if the original buyer does not follow through with the payment schedule or defaults in payment where repossession by developer occurs.

Having said that, the company will also do necessary KYC and due diligence on all parties of the transaction which includes the developer, project, agent/broker, and buyer. We believe that this will benefit the company also in acquiring new users of the IAT Platform from the agents/brokers pool since we will be the only one with this unique structure and arrangement.

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