Top Asian Property Markets

Oct 24, 2019 · 3 min read

The attractiveness of the Asian property market for the real estate investors is due to its demographics and growth. The investment on this industry keeps on emerging because of the stability and the way it releases attractive pricing wherein global investors are turning their attention to, producing a great deal of profit.

Here are some of the Asian countries that continue to rise in the property market:

Singapore. Having a matured property investment market allowed Singapore to weather financial storms and it remains fairly calm. Until now, it is still one of the top destinations for investing in residential properties. Property value is expected to hold at current levels since the slight correction in prices from the past property boom the country had experienced. Current prices are still considered high for the middle-income earners and many are still finding it difficult to own a 2nd private property.

Thailand. The country has been experiencing a constant flow of foreign buyers making it one of the most sought-after choice for investment. The city of Bangkok in Thailand became the Asia’s top destination for Chinese property buyers

  • abroad, having a strong property ownership law and a secured computerized title system.

China. Shanghai is performing remarkably well since it has the largest real estate market demand, especially in the commercial sector. According to a property adviser, the transaction volume surged to a quarterly all-time high of US$17 billion, amid decline in sales in Europe and America. Most investors still favor the top tier city they are most familiar with.

Vietnam. This country is becoming a popular investment destination due to the prices of properties, which has been appealing to the Chinese buyers. Across Vietnam and particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, high-end real estate has spurred a wave of local and overseas interest and investment. Apartment prices surged 22.7% in the first quarter of 2019 from a year earlier to an average of US$2,028 per square meter.

Malaysia. Due to Malaysia’s lack of foreign ownership restrictions, the foreign investors can legally buy a certain land under their own name. By just US $4,000 per square meters, you can buy a luxury condo around Kuala Lumpur. Also, investors can purchase city-center condos under US $2,000, a lot cheaper than in Bangkok or Hanoi, which are less developed countries. Its robust economy, strong demographics and rock-bottom prices make this as a solid option for investors.

Philippines. It is expected that the population of Manila will continue to increase till 2050 which will lead to a higher demand in residential condominiums where prices are also believed to be on a gradual uptrend from a long-term perspective. The Philippine’s property market in terms of commercial spaces is also very healthy wherein there is less than 5 percent vacancy rate in central business districts.

Robust economic growth and an influx of capital have powered the Asia Pacific real estate over the past decade. The region is home to around 60% of the world’s population as well as the largest and fastest-growing commercial real estate markets.

The IA Tokens concept aims to revolutionize the real estate industry using Blockchain technology through the development of the IAT Platform.

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