Day(s) 12,444/12,445/12,446

Yeah, I’m a little behind. I’ll try and catch all 3 of you up since the Saturday night fiasco.

Day 12,444 was uneventful as always. Of course, the kids were awake. I finally dragged myself out of bed and made it to the kitchen. As I do every (other) Sunday/Saturday morning, I cooked breakfast. My world (no-so) famous scrambled eggs. They didn’t seem to be too much of a hit with Ash and Arya, but it was something.

They left after breakfast and headed home. Lorelai, Amber and I did a whole bunch of nothing the rest of the day. It’s been a few days, and working overnights they all tend to blur, but I don’t remember doing anything spectacular Sunday.

We brought Lorelai home at 6:30pm and headed back home. We made a quick stop at The Dollar Tree and then to CVS. We needed to get a planner/calendar to fix our budget. Well that went over like a lead balloon. Once that was done we has some “us” time. I could keep going, but I don’t think this is the blog for that. But hey, if you want me to write one of those, let me know. I’d be happy too.

Day 12,445 was my first doctor’s appointment for myself in close to 8 years. I was rather nervous going in since I have a few problems I needed to address. All in all, it went well. I was seen promptly as I always am. Had my vitals checked and waited for the doctor. He’s always (as far back as I can remember) has a student with him. So, I saw her first and she started going over my new patient/physical question. When he was done with his other patient he headed in. he let her continue to ask the questions and he just observed. He would ask her questions about things, like why she asked me something, or if she wasn’t asking the correct questions.

After all was said and done, he gave me my lab slips and a machine to do a home sleep study so I can finally be diagnosed with sleep apnea. His medical assistant (nurse?) showed me what to do and I went on my merry way. I debated on going home, but I decided to just get the labs done with. So, I headed to Beverly Hospital instead. Got my labs done and headed home. I played a little Xbox and finished the newest season of Arrow on Netflix and headed to work.

It was the first night at work without Amber as an employee in 4 months. I had come to rely on her to do some of the things I didn’t really want to do. But she had to leave and I had to deal. Low and behold… My office guy called out, and they terminated another employee 2 days early. So, I was stuck in back in the office making sure that worked smoothly. And as usual, it did. So even being down 3 people in the office (of 3) and a supervisor on vacation we still managed to get out early and everything done on time.

Day 12,446 was laundry day. I was a day late because I had my doctor’s appointment the day before. And because I would have to get up early to do that, I didn’t wear my sleep study equipment to bed.

I’ve been parking in the parking garage this week because they are doing construction on my street and if cars aren’t moved by 7am the will ticket/tow, and I can’t afford that. So, when I got up I had to carry my laundry a block to the garage to get my truck. I headed to Dunks and the laundromat. The laundromat I go to is really nice, and had newer machines. But boy, there are some winners that go there. I’m pretty sure I’d fail a drug test just from being in the same room as these people. After that entertaining hour and a half, I headed home.

At some point, I got my test results back from the hospital. Not such good news. I have high cholesterol and my sodium intake is too high. But I knew that already.

I typically watch Netflix when I fold laundry. I finished all the current seasons of the shows I watch, so I started a new one. Shooter. The movie was amazing, so I figured I’d give the show a chance. It’s actually really good. I debated leaving the socks to fold for my wife, because I hate them, but I was nice and did them. I put all the clothes away and went into the living room.

Luckily, we acquired an exercise bike over the weekend. I rode it for an episode if Shooter. I rode it for 3 miles before my legs started hurting. Not bad. I’ll try for 4 tomorrow. The exercise will hopefully help with the access fluids in my system and maybe I’ll lose some weight. I put it in the living room at a pretty good angle to be able to watch TV when I do it, so I don’t really have an excuse not to.

Not really sure where here to put this, so I’ll leave it at the end. We’ll call it Day 12,447.5

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, from money to life (past present and future) to health and everything in between. I always thought of myself as a pessimist, that way I can never be disappointed. I’ve also always said that I have no regrets in life. Everything happens or a reason. I’m starting to doubt that. I regret not being more mature at the beginning of my relationship with my wife. I didn’t take anything seriously, and I should have. The two of us could be in a much better place, in health, location and wealth. But I didn’t. I fucked off, and I’m starting to regret it a little. Things have changed since the beginning, as I would expect them too. But some things I didn’t really want to. I just wish I could go back and treat her better than I did. I mean, obviously it was good enough for her, she married me. But it’s not good enough for me. I tend to be an asshole. I wish I made better financial choices. I wish we both did.

I think that’s enough word vomit for 3 days worth of writing. Plus, my hands hurt a lot from typing and my laptop keyboard is really pissing me off. And Word isn’t fixing typos and grammatical errors. I’m way too tired to go thought them right now. Hopefully I don’t have to catch you up on 3 days all at once.

Until tomorrow…