How I Find The Cheapest Flights

Summary of blog post

As a traveler on a budget (aren’t we all!?!), a backpacker as you will, I want to find deals, deals, deals! I want to get the very best price for anything and everything and this includes largely the biggest expensive of them all — flights!

Dreaded flights! Flights are by far the biggest expensive when it comes to travel for me, and I suspect for you too. If I can get away with it I will look at any other form of transport — bike, coach, boat, you name it I’ve most likely traveled that way — in order to save the costs from flying.

Yes, flying has its advantages, it can be inexpensive, its super quick and convenient and super reliable however the costs — the costs are a pain! Sometimes a plane is needed due to the distances involved, water that can not be crossed by boat, the hassle you’ve heard from other travelers at the board crossings — whatever it maybe, sometimes you just have to fly!

This blog post will look at how I find the cheapest flights during the past two years I’ve been on the road.

Flight Comparison Engines

These are the business! Thank god for flight comparison engines! These work just like other comparison engines you’ve likely used for things like car / travel insurance and the lark however its just for flights. Where you’re, where you’re going and when you want to go.

I’m forever checking flight comparison engines to try and bang a bargain flight!

What do I mean by flight comparison engines you may ask? The likes of and These two are my all time faves. Yes, you can get others and the likes of Google even have one however in my experiences these are where the real deals are, these two have been a very good travel buddy to me over the last six months.

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