How To Save £7000 in 9 Months

I landed in Manchester Airport on 20th December. it was Christmas so that was nice to come back to. But then, after two weeks Christmas was long gone i had a decision to make. WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?!

Travel is now a must for me. I just had to get back into the position where I could do it all again, and fast! I had to use my knowledge in 2015 when i saved enough to travel for 6 months, and do all i could in order to save enough to do it all again!

This is the story, a how to guide from me to you to show how i was able to save up again, this time £7000 within 9 months, which has lead to me booking my flight back to Far East Asia, Thailand, on the 10th October.LETS GET TO IT.

Article Summary

This post will cover how i personally was able to save £7000 within 9 months to enable to me to book another, this time a one way ticket, back to the life of a travelling nomad. It will feature a list and commentary on how i did it, for the second time in as many years!

The list: 7 Tips to save £’s

  • Move back into the parents

I had little choice. I came back with £0. Thankfully i could set up shop with the parents again, which allowed me to save tons quickly. It can be painful but allows you to save SHIT tons. Just do it.

  • Use my skills to get a job

I was close enough, well 2 hours or so bus / train combo, to a major city in England. This meant that i was able to use my skills and get back into the Digital Marketing Agency world. I know what interests me and i know i’ve got some mad arse Digital skills so i went out and got myself a job! Can you get a past job back? Get firing those CV’s out and get working as quickly as possible!

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