Protecting Our Land

Kimberly P. Dudik
Sep 25 · 4 min read

I didn’t grow up in a political family, always knowing I was eventually going to run for office. Frankly, I never expected to be in elected office, period. I grew up in a household supported by my father, a union airline employee, and my mother, a small business owner. Like so many Montanans, we were focused on getting by, not getting to the top. It wasn’t until I started a family of my own, saw through my work as a prosecutor the danger some children face, that I realized I couldn’t sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to make the changes that needed to be made to make our state safer. I had to do more.

I ended up running for the Montana House of Representatives eight years ago because I looked into that chamber and didn’t see many people that looked, or thought, like me. I didn’t see people championing the important issues I care about. I’m a registered nurse, domestic violence advocate and prosecutor who spent my life working for children and those in need. In the House, I fought hard to pass legislation to protect citizens’ rights, ensure justice for victims of crime, uphold children’s rights, and strengthen Montana’s families. But, there is more work to do.

I’m running for Attorney General to be an advocate for the people of our state because I understand what it means to fight for people in their toughest moments and I know how to deliver results.

I know I am best positioned to deliver on the issues that matter to us, but I believe you should hear from me exactly what those are. So, I am going to spend the next few months telling you why I am running, and how I plan to fight for you as your Attorney General.

First, it starts with protecting our state from polluters who are more concerned with their bottom line than the health of Montana’s environment and economy. In Montana, the land around us is not a political talking point — it is a way of life. As a Montanan, I grew up camping, hiking, and fishing on these lands. As a mother of four, I have raised my children on hiking trails and trout streams. I work every day to instill the values of appreciation for the outdoors and environmental stewardship of these lands. We are responsbile for the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren. As a nurse, I have seen how polluted waters can end lives and tear apart communities. As a legislator representing Frenchtown, I know first-hand the damage the abandoned Smurfit-Stone Container mill did to our town when the management closed shop and stopped paying their taxes, leaving the bill for clean-up to the people of Montana. I stood up to this out-of-state corporation and held them accountable, because protecting our public lands for generations to come is more than political, it is personal.

Despite the fact that outdoor recreation is one of the largest economic drivers in Montana, generating more than $7 billion annually and sustaining over 71,000 Montana jobs, more remains to be done to protect this industry and our environment. Unfortunately, here in Montana, we have a history of companies putting profit over the health of our outdoors and our economy. Operating near streams and vital water sources, these companies have left behind a legacy of toxic pollutants that threaten the health of our economy and our environment for generations to come. With cuts to the EPA ongoing, clean-up of these sites is slowing.

We need an Attorney General that will stand up to polluters and demand accountability for Montanans. We need an Attorney General who will fight for the federal dollars we already pay to clean up the mess that was left behind by abandoned mills and plants. We need an Attorney General who will protect the right to access our public lands. Most importantly, we need an Attorney General who has a proven record and the know-how to get the job done.

I will:

Join in lawsuits protecting our water and fighting against pollution, especially from harmful chemicals that can make us sick.

Protect public lands from being sold off. As a member of the Montana State Land Board that deals with the management of public lands, I will ensure public lands stay in public hands.

Challenge out-of-state corporations and billionaires who would build fences and prevent locals from accessing their favorite fishing hole, hiking and camping area, or hunting grounds.

Curb illegal dumping on private lands that is seeping into public lands and polluting our waterways.

Stand up to polluters and manufacturers who want to cut corners and expose our people and land to toxic chemicals that make us sick.

Demand the EPA does its job and cleans up the superfund sites in our state, and adds currently pending sites to the list for clean-up.

As a mother, a nurse, a prosecutor and a legislator, I have spent my whole life protecting our public lands and fighting for families — and as Attorney General, I will do the same for Montana.

Kimberly Dudik

Member, Montana House of Representatives

Kimberly has served the people of Montana as a registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care, a Deputy Gallatin County Attorney, and an Assistant Montana Attorney General. She is Chairperson for the Legislative Finance Committee, Chairperson for the Council of State Governments West, and Immediate Past Chairwoman of the National Foundation for Women Legislators. She is a Democratic Candidate for Montana Attorney General.

Paid for by Friends of Kimberly Dudik, P.O. Box 674, Frenchtown, MT 59834, Kelly Gallinger (Billings), Treasurer — Democrat

Kimberly P. Dudik

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