Mana bonds: an anchor for Koinos’ financial system and a way to approximate the fair value of KOIN

The concept of Mana bonds

1. This function reflects the price person A is willing to pay for a unit of mana.
2.The green utility curve of B is higher than the curve of person A.
3.Person C is expecting exponential growth.
4.The different value each person attributes to a mana bond with a specific maturity of x epochs (for instance 5 or 25), is equal to the area under the curve up until we reach the maturity on the x-axis.
5. The current prices of 1,5,10,25 and 50 epoch bonds are used to generate the utility curve of the average market participant.

The triangle of financial stability

  • Mana bonds: serving as a price anchor, a tradable asset and unit of account, but unfit as a medium of exchange or store of value as the value of the mana bond starts to decrease right after purchase.
  • KOIN: the ultimate store of value, but no very fit as a medium of exchange because of its growth potential. Also has a large speculative value (as discussed it’ll likely be lowered after the introduction on sKOIN).
  • sKOIN: the middle ground between a store of value and a medium of exchange. Speculative upside in the long run, as well as a stable mid- to long term price correlation with KOIN.
  • Emporia: a pure medium of exchange, as friction-less as possible. Doesn’t lose or accrue value over time. Similar to a stablecoin which is always 100 percent on it’s target mark. Dollar-pegged would make the most sense, at least for the foreseeable future.

Emporia; the reasoning behind fractional rebase and hidden values




Trying to do better than the ECB

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Joe Walker

Joe Walker

Trying to do better than the ECB

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