I am Stressed

Yep, still alive over here. Or in here. For all you know, I’m trapped inside of this computer, forced to write in order to keep my sanity. Or make you lose your’s. Anywho, I decided to create a new post to give you the impression that I actually have something new and noteworthy to say.

Which I do, don’t get me wrong. However everything has its time and place, and during finals week, the only place correctly timed is a bar. Possibly a study room. Definitely a medicine cabinet.

Today, I am here to introduce you to Stressed Me. Stressed Me, meet your three readers. Three readers, meet Stressed Me.

Stressed Me is imaginative. She likes to create stories:

Once upon a time, there was a perfectly happy girl. Then one day a big, mean ‘evaluation of this girl’s intelligence’ in a pointless General Education course appeared. It ate her alive, and for the rest of her life this poor girl was forced to live on the streets, begging for money from those more worthy than her. The end.

…So I may have been told, once or twice, that I’m over-dramatic. If this is, indeed, what you’re thinking, please read the title of this post once more and try to comprehend where I’m coming from. I mean, it’s completely plausible that the world will end as a direct result of me failing my organic chemistry final. This is why, ladies and gents, I feel so much pressure. It’s really so you can continue living another day. Your happiness depends upon my test-taking skills. How nerve-racking is that?

Better wish me luck!

Today, beyond a doubt, I am superhuman because I am stressed.

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