It’s not like I’m giving tours of my bedroom, so I cannot bring myself to pay the money to buy a…

As I’ve said before, money is a funny thing and everybody has things they spend money on with no thought at all and things they agonize over (like Nicole’s curtains). I don’t want to just accumulate a bunch of stuff but my bed is VERY IMPORTANT to me. I have terrible insomnia so I do everything I can to make it welcoming and pretty and comfortable and conducive to sleep.

So for me, that means curtains in the bedroom (can’t sleep with the mask on), a comfortable bed high off the floor, a comfy down comforter with a flannel duvet and flannel sheets in winter, a soft blanket and cotton sheets that make me glad to slide into bed in summer.

Spoil yourself a little — get the beautiful duvet. After all, you probably still have those beautiful shoes still sitting in your closet, unworn. ;)

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