Since you’ve already done the research, what iron should I get myself?
amanda w.

Happy to help! After much research on sewing blogs, forums, etc., I chose to get a T-Fal — the one with 1800 watts and a calc collector (though I don’t have hard water). They all have names like ‘ultra glide’ and ‘opti glide’ so I can’t be sure without going upstairs to look — I’ll do that later and confirm for you — but I think it was this one:

It was about $44, I shopped around and Wal-Mart (in store) had the best price. T-fal irons are actually manufactured by Rowenta, that swayed me, too, as much as reviews and price.

If $ were no object, I’d get an Oliso, but alas, $ IS an issue.

The T-fal has been good. I’ve had it about 6 weeks. The steam feature is insane and I don’t have spitting or leaking problems. I use distilled water in mine and it does go through it quickly, but, I sew a lot.

I hope that is helpful!

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