In Defense of Inefficient “Hobby-Hustles”
Laura Marie

I love to sew and do all sorts of needlework. I have a very stressful ‘career’ job and sewing/stitching is a way to turn my brain off for a bit and do something different. I give the things I make to friends, to my friends’ children and my kiddos often give things I make (with their input) to their friends for birthday presents, etc. People always tell me I should sew for money, but I don’t like sewing the same thing over and over and luckily for me, I don’t have to do that to earn a living.

My kids like to knit tiny hats and donate them to our local hospital NICU. Making things makes us happy. So I get it that it really isn’t about $ for you.

Right now I’m making more things than I give away, which is as it should be when it is too darn hot to go outside. I consider the stockpile my version of a ‘gift closet’. I should be all set by the holidays!

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