Amazing people think they’re so-so

Amazing people think they’re so-so.

If you’re great at something you’re just learning, then there’s a fear that you’re a fraud. An imposter. That you’re just getting lucky and the luck will run out. You’re definitely so-so.

If you’re great at something for a few years, and someone’s crazy enough to give you more responsibility, then there’s a fear that you won’t be able to live up to the expectations. There’s always someone with more experience who could be doing things better. You’re so-so.

If, somehow, you manage to be great for a LONG time, then there’s probably a fear that you’re past your prime. You know a lot, but not the things that count anymore. Someone new will come in and do it better. You, my friend, are so-so.

I used to think this fear went away with age, but I’m starting to realize it’s always around, and it impacts a lot of different people.

It’s one thing to say “don’t be afraid”, but I don’t think that’s reasonable. Perhaps a good first step is to realize that the feeling is normal.

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