The dumbest Apple Watch review you’ll ever read

This conversation has been happening once a day for the last few weeks. I should really have a better answer by now.

Person who isn’t me: How do you like your Apple Watch?
Me: I like it.
Person who isn’t me: What does it do?
Me: It tells the time.………..[Awkward Silence]………..And it shows my calendar.

I’m the worst Apple Watch salesperson on the planet.

The truth is, I really like the watch. I just can’t explain my like for it by listing out features. Because, if I did, then I’d have to say the features are probably only worth about $150 to me.

  • Tells the time — Meh. My phone can do that.
  • Tracks my activity — $100.
  • Notifies me of texts, Tweets, LinkedIn requests and emails — $50.
  • Tells me when and where my next calendar appointment is — Meh. Phone.
  • Tells me the weather — Meh. Look outside.

Even though I know the features are only worth about $150 (significantly less than Apple is charging), I would pay hundreds of dollars more than Apple is charging for the watch. I know, this doesn’t make any sense. Welcome to my life.

Somehow the Apple Watch is more valuable to me than the sum of it’s features.

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