Looking For The Best Visa Combination For Investing In States

Investing in a foreign country has its own hassles. First, the most important thing is complying with the investment regulatory guidelines of the country and second, the challenges associated with monitoring your investment. The challenges become more tough if the investment in not into a regulated market like stock market but it is a private investment into some business or may be into one’s own business. United States Citizen and Immigration Services have made this process easy for immigrant investor.

Through its EB-5 visa program one can avoid challenges associated with the investing in United States. In a later stage you, your spouse and your kids below the age of 21 can also avail facilities of being a permanent citizen of the country. But the for qualifying for EB-5 program not only you and but also the investee enterprise also need to comply with certain guidelines. EB 5 Visa Immigration Lawyer NYC help investors and entrepreneurs turn a US investment into a right to say and work in the US legally.

For you to qualify for the program, you need to comply with guidelines under the following heads:

a) Minimum Investment guidelines

b) Job creation guidelines

c) Guidelines related to the type of business entity

In terms of qualifying for the minimum investment guideline, the applicant need to typically make an investment of either $500,000 or at least $ 1 million in a commercial US enterprise. If you make an investment in enterprise located in special economic zones which are as US law are called as Targeted Employment Area, the $1 million bar is reduced to $500,000. The investment that you can make need not be necessarily in the form of equity but you can invest in the form of cash, Inventory, equipment, secured debt or even tangible property as per US fair value standards making your opportunity to invest in US wider.

As per the conditions regarding complying with conditions relating to job creation, the maximum requirement is 10 full time job positions. In fact this is not a guideline which you need to comply from the day one but always have a period of two years post you are offered permanent residency in the country. Immigration law Firm NYC Help foreign investors obtain EB-5 investor visas

Now looking at the guidelines regarding the type of business enterprise where you can make an investment opens more wide scope for you. It can be any form of commercial enterprise or even can be a regional centre of any commercial enterprise. The enterprise can follow any structure; it can be a bigger corporation, a partnership firm, a sole proprietorship entity or even a business trust.

US has not only been a land where immigrants get equal opportunities as regular Americans but also is an open country to make investment in the most developed economy in the work. The EB-5 visa program aims in fulfilling these requirements and it becomes the perfect fit for the immigrant investor looking for easy routes for making investment into US business assets