Rule 34-The Perversion of the Sexual Mind

There are certain truths about the Human species that Mankind really needs to come to terms with. One of those truths is that human beings are a bunch of horny fuckin’ monkeys (emphasis on FUCKIN’)! It’s a fact of nature and a reality as old as the species itself. HUMANS ARE SEXUAL CREATURES!! Men and women are animals hard-wired for sex! It’s in our biological makeup. I dare say that after rabbits (as well as rats and mice) human beings do more humpin’ than any other species on the planet, and are among the few that do it almost entirely for pleasure.

The funniest thing about society (perhaps more so now than ever before) is how it always seems to unwittingly satire itself. The collective mentality of the world very often is its own ironic self-referential joke. We are too often raised under the erroneous notion that sex (including all sexual desires and fantasies) is some kind of damnable sin or shameful taboo that we’re all suppose to shy away from and hide from the world. While conversely, violence is something that is all too often praised and glorified (however indirectly). It’s impossible for a rational mind to look at society’s aversion to all things sex, and not laugh or scoff at the overwhelming hypocrisy of it all. We proudly boast about our love for movies and video games that display blatant acts of gratuitous violence and senseless bloodshed, but our love for porn is apparently something we’re supposed to keep locked in the closet. No matter what “logic” you try to put forth to explain this hypocritical attitude, I fail to see how the sight of a man’s penis hurts the world more than an entire film series dedicated to mindless sadism and carnage. How does a porn movie or an erotic comic series deal more of a devastating blow to society’s collective psyche than a movie series like “Saw”? It doesn’t make any damn sense…but then what’s one to expect from a species of egotistical self-deceptive narcissistic monkeys?!

Speaking personally, I’ve always considered porn, and intercourse in general, to be its own unique medium of artistic expression. Especially when PASSION is a key factor, the act of sex becomes an interactive experience far surpassing any that modern technology has yet to manufacture. Even if you are just viewing it; the mere sight of the act performed; the raw primal energy expelled, shared, and transmitted between two or more partners; the to-and-fro flow of reaction; the movement of the bodies and the way they respond to every tactile sensation is a prime example of poetry-in-motion. It is impossible to resist the powerful stimuli the act of sex (hetero, homo, or otherwise) evokes within the mind. The sight of it alone is certain to stir emotion (regardless good or bad). Sex is ALWAYS expressive and because of this inherent fact it is the most simple, yet most powerful example of natural beauty, and this beauty grows far more potent when tempered with the boundless (sometimes frightening) addition of the imagination.

When imagination and sex mate they produce a wild and erratic pair known as erotica and fetish. Sexual fantasies are inherently weird! The lengths that some will go to amplify the max sum of pleasure received from “forbidden fruit” can cause one’s mind to boggle. You might even find yourself scared and perplexed by your own desires as the primal instinct of the species seizes hold of your conscious thoughts and worldly perceptions. Perfectly mild-mannered people may harbor dark fantasies or partake in perverse vices which would otherwise seem to completely contradict their outward demeanor…hence the phrase, “angel in streets, devil in the sheets.”

This especially counts double when we talk about the touchy subject of “Rape Culture”. Rape Culture or Rape Fantasies are a common sight when we explore the strange and perverse world of erotica, and there is an equally strange psychology behind them. As human beings are instinctively pack animals, there is a natural inclination toward a division founded upon power and control. In the minds of such beasts, by the very laws of nature itself, the class system is broken up into factions which ultimately boil down to Alphas and Omegas; Dominants and Subordinates, and as such there are two kinds of people in the world: those who wish to control and those who wish to be controlled…not always on a conscious level of course but certainly on a subconscious level. This is the foundation upon which a rape mentality may be built. This is not to say however that everyone who was ever raped craved rape, but rather that they fell prey to those who’s desire to control and dominate superseded their worldly sense of rational sensibility. And before some of you shout, “No One Wants To Be Raped!” allow me to say, “Yes, you are right…in actuality.”

However real-world reality does not always factor into the discombobulating world of abstract emotion and want. Simply put, it is no secret that unfettered emotions can cause people to both think and act irrationally. As such when imagination mixes with emotion-riddled carnality the most maddening and otherwise illogical fantasies and cravings can form within the subconscious plane of a person’s mindscape (makes no difference their sex or gender). Even though the real-world act of rape is a damnable sin considered criminal by most for good reason, one must remember that the act always begins as a thought in the mind; an unattended desire left unchecked and ill-managed. This is the blackened seed from which Rape Fantasies then sprout. Now of course these fantasies (though perverse and immoral from a conscious perspective) are perfectly natural, and despite being horrific are not necessarily a clear indication of a true desire to perform such acts. For some people, these fantasies will remain not but dark visions in the forbidden recesses of their mind; it’s only when they start rising to the surface and supersede control from the logical portion of your psyche that they begin to herald a very serious issue which is best addressed before it grows any further out of control.

So now it is that we turn to the main issue of yaoi, hentai, yuri, slash fiction, and just the general concept of Rule 34…why do these things exists? Why is sex such a major overwhelming theme in virtually every fandom? Why must even the most innocent stories and characters be subjected to this perverse carnal addiction? The answer is quite simple…because it’s just human nature. Sex is encoded in the mental programming of every animal on this planet (and human beings are animals too regardless of what your bullshit religion says). Sex is among the most basic instincts of all living creatures, and no matter how much mankind likes to think it is beyond instinct; It’s Not! Honestly the only thing mankind’s exaggerated intelligence grants it is a loftier concept of naturalism. In the overzealous minds of men, instinct becomes desire. Your basic instincts are exaggerated and manipulated by your higher consciousness which introduces the concept of choice. It becomes less a factor of what you need and more about what you want. Your basic instinct tells you that you must eat, but because of desire you wind up contemplating more about WHAT you want to eat rather than simply acting upon the need itself. Instead of eating just whatever edible scrap of food you happen upon, you make a conscious decision over whether to have a salad or a hamburger. Your instinct tells you that you must find a place of shelter, but your desire causes you to seek out a specific place of residence tailored to your very specific set of preferences (most preferably some place with low rent or an inexpensive mortgage).

This remains true even when we speak of our instinctual need to spread our seed. Regardless of your sexual orientation, it is part of our core basic programming as a species to engage in intercourse, and not simply for the purposes of procreation. Because of the human body’s complex biochemistry, sex is just as much a physical necessity as food and shelter. A healthy sex life plays an important role in maintaining one’s physical and psychological welfare. When the body is deprived of sexual stimulation serious issues can start to arise; most especially mental issues ranging from anxiety, depression, insecurity, to even aggression and social withdrawal. Indeed you’d be surprised just how much good a quick jerk-off will do. A handjob a day will keep the tension away. But of course since we don’t all have a significant other to help ease the rabid hunger of our sex-starved libidos, self-stimulation is the only safe and moral course of action. But just the same as with everything else, one is the loneliest number. Trying to get yourself off is not always so easy and that is once again where the power of the imagination comes in to work its profane magic.

For some, nude pictures and poorly-scripted pornos are enough, but others may need a bit more excitement, a little more creativity…some people just have very specific fetishes that conventional media does not provide, and so we enter the fearful realm of Rule 34; the internet’s very own mass collection of everyone’s most perverse and forbidden fantasies. From movie stars and pop celebrities to best friends and respected role models to even fictional characters who were never meant to be the subject of lustful thoughts, the perverse visions of our collective consciousness are the direct byproduct of the sex-hungry carnality inherent to the human species. We are sexual creatures, beasts of the flesh, and the more we ignore and suppress this reality of our nature the more those erotic desires we flee from will spill forth into the phantasmal aether; invading and perverting our collective imagination to paint an inescapable portrait of our hypocritical arrogance for all to bear witness…because what do you honestly expect is going to happen when society dogmatically attempts to suppress the most prevalent characteristic of a species?!

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