Zombie Society

I Anonymous
Dec 14, 2019 · 1 min read

Look at David. He just got a big promotion. A corner office, a car, and a secretary that blows him. But even though he’s cheered by those that know him, he’d rather be a teacher helping young minds growing.

His Facebook and LinkedIn are always promoting him. His fancy parties and his friends that dote on him. So all the youngsters see what’s really important is chasing the money that fills the holes in em.

No wonder we’re lost. We’ve been hijacked. Our brains have been ransacked. Keeping up with the Jones’s has been our repeat track. When are we going to learn to slow down? Take a breathe every once in a while. See a stranger and smile.

We walk past each other like digital zombies. Cutting in line and whining to our mommies. “That guy just cut me off!” Now he’ll be the first to stop. At that traffic light that’s on the next block. Wake the fuck up and smell the pollution. And I’m not talking carbon emissions or our piles of trash. I’m talking about our lack of compassion and class.

We’re all revolving around the sun for one thing. To recognize we’re all the same being. Connected in ways we just don’t understand. Too focused on our own needs and expectations when we should be focused on the person standing next to us in the subway station. What’s their tough time and their situation?

All we need is love. Remember that song? 52 years ago and we’re still getting it wrong. #showsomecompassion #Loveyourneighbor

I Anonymous

Written by

Just releasing helium balloons that float into nowhere and keep me on the ground… and above it for as long as possible.

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