IBReading: Alberto Riva, World Editor

Welcome to the first installment in our new series, IBReading. Our senior world news editor @AlbertoRiva tells us his five favorite things that he read this week:

1. The birth of a new publication from Politico

The Politico bosses talk about the huge gamble they’re taking launching Politico.eu — a publication about Europe, by Americans, so it’s definitely among my favorite things I’ve read this week because it speaks very personally to me, as someone with a life on both sides of the Atlantic. And it’s heart-warming to see there are people willing to invest in good journalism. We aren’t the only ones!

2. The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State from Der Spiegel

We’ve all been trying to figure out for a year what the Islamic State really is and who the people behind it are. The answer is in this story. Der Spiegel has been doing amazing work from Syria, and has also been nice enough to translate most of it into English.

3. Life Among the Thugs: A Russian Businessman Volunteers in the Donbass from The Interpreter

Speaking of armed groups we have been trying to figure out, this story translated from Russian by The Interpreter may not be a literary gem, but it tells us that the separatists in East Ukraine may be little more than glorified thugs. Not unlike the Yugoslavian wars, when people talked about these supposedly eternal “ethnic conflicts” — but a lot of it was really gang warfare on a huge scale.

4. The Price of a Life from The New Yorker

We all know that innocents get sent to prison, and we all know that it’s not that infrequent, but reading a dispassionate account of exactly how this destroys people right next to us affected me deeply. And these are just the innocents we know about — those who managed to be exhonerated. It’s a spectacularly well-written story, too.

5. ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: Cobragrams and Faceless Men from The New York Times

We can’t have all those stories about war without ending on a lighter note — ‘Game of Thrones’, of course. The tv recap has turned into a proper genre, and some examples are a lot of fun. This one certainly is.

More about Alberto:

A Milanese transplanted to New York, Alberto Riva is the International Business Times senior world news editor. He began his career in journalism as a news agency reporter in Italy, later moving to Atlanta to work for CNN. He also worked for Bloomberg News, producing a live news show on Bloomberg Radio, and helped lead America24, the US-based digital operation of Italy’s biggest business newspaper, Il Sole 24 Ore. He also writes frequently about aviation. He holds dual US and Italian citizenship, and lives in Brooklyn.