Introducing… IBReading

At IBTimes we use Slack for most of our interoffice communication. We have an officewide Slack channel called ‘goodreads’ devoted to essays and pieces of journalism that leap off the page. We aspire to maintain a newsroom of readers just as much as we aspire to serve our readers.

In the age of languishing open tabs and mid-article distractions, there seem to be more obstacles to reading than ever. But the avenues of discovery for the most esteemed work in our business — and the hidden gems —just keep multiplying.

Some stories we like because they touch us. Stay with us through the night. Force us to recount them over dinner with a new acquaintance, or email to an old friend.

Others — like the ones we wish we wrote — motivate us to search harder for the perfect subject, and craft their story with vibrancy and care.

And then there are the ones that disturb us. Haunt us. Remind us why we are in this business: to inform, jolt, and document the current generation of world citizens.

You can tell a lot about a person by what they read. And we can imagine no better way for you to get to know us than through our reading list. Every Friday, a new reporter will take over our Medium account to tell you what they’ve been reading.

Maybe you’re reading the same thing? And, if not, tell us what we should be reading @ibtimes.

All the best,

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