I am Indian American, and it’s 2017. But I still get asked ‘What are you?’
Washington Post

Great article and I wish more would be allowed to discuss this freely and openly. As a DELETED Texan Indian American girl child, I can resonate with this at so many levels. Especially the question, “What are you?” Does equality matter on “What/Who/Where/How I am?” as a little girl child OR is it more about the hate and bigotry being imposed upon me through someone else’s perceptions and ideology? And everyone has a right to an opinion but it can have devastating effects for an immigrant, brown Indian, girl, child when the “someone” is in a position of power and authority. It can ruin innocent LIVES. So the question is NOT “What are you?”, I would like to ask, “What are WE?” By torturing someone just based on “birth type” (scientifically and socially no one has control over this, we are ALL born AS IS), what are we proving? “Birth type” can take multiple forms like race, religion, gender, nationality, natural Vs. Surrogacy, some babies are born with no hearing or no voice or no sight or debilitating genetic condition and so on. None of this is in the individual’s control but yet one gets constantly asked based on “birth type”, “What are you?” and then the curiosity, judgemental can sometimes turn into hate and bigotry or worse even death — either a senseless hate crime or an innocent suicide.

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