“Labour” of my parent as a father or mother? Why should gender of my parent decide MY rights?

For a trans-national Surrogacy family, its important to have global views and happy Labour Day to all internationally.

On this “International Labour Day”, I want to know how America protects children born due to “labor” of commercial Surrogacy AND how America protects the “child labor” of children like me who are left-behind in India by rich, powerful adult in America? I support EQUAL pay for EQUAL work, can I qualify to be counted as an equal child for my equal child labor?

Do Reproductive rights SUPERCEDE Surrogacy born child rights? FYI : I am also brown American, should it matter? Its the difference between being COUNTED or DELETED. Why should the gender of my parent decide MY rights as an individual child? My parent has their torture, why should it become my DENIAL of rights?

My parent has been through 5 miscarriages over 3 years

My parent has dealt with childhood Statelessness

My parent has been called names defending me

My parent has to hear abuses hurled at me

My parent is told I am a “child born out of wedlock” as if I were an illegitimate child

My parent is told I don’t deserve a “legal identity” because born via IVF/Surrogacy

My parent has to take unpaid parental leave of 2000+ days to save me but only allowed 90 days FMLA leave The US company where my parent​ works in Texas counts me to allow FMLA but State of Texas doesn’t

My parent has to witness me being DELETED and DENIED after dealing with infertility over 3 years and 5 miscarriages for my birth

My parent is told it’s a “family issue” for me unable to get a birth certificate as a child of two Genetic males, I suppose as much as getting a “marriage certificate” is a “family issue” between two males?

My parent has to constantly fight for MY basic human rights to get a legal identity while constantly being hurled abuses against me

My parent is confused that on one side India says “save the girl child”, “educate the girl child (requires legal identity)”, Girls Count Act, etc but no one steps up to save me a girl child, is my “birth type” so offensive?

Parents of DREAMers are not allowed to lie on their child’s birth record but US allows one child, my brother, born like me to LIE on birth record but not me or millions like us

US official with American Citizen Services (ACS) says to “let go” a DELETED girl child (me), I am sorry, I won’t “let go” due to a birth condition just like not moving to back of the bus due to my skin color, also a birth condition. I respect all.

Thought ACS is to help US citizens but just not “my type”, exactly which American value are we upholding?

Parents of Children with autism, Down’s syndrome, or born with inability​ to see or hear or speak like other children have also withstood discrimination and absorbed abuses for their child, thought we were past that?

Traditionally, it takes two parents to have a child or as in my case, its 4 adults. 3 showed up, 1 didn’t.

Is my parent who has always stood up and by my side, a traditional “father” or “mother”? And as a next gen empowered girl child, what does gender of my parent have to do with MY rights?

If your little girl was born Stateless, abandoned, facing orphanage after 3 years and 5 miscarriages, would you save me OR also abandon me? And would you justify your actions as “child born out of wedlock”, “at the time of birth”, “IVF/Surrogacy” born have no rights, immigrant, child of intersex family, no Genetic link to be family, etc to DELETE a girl child and sister? Would you get sleep at night?

I am my own girl, I fight like a girl — truth and respect and a dollop of compassion sprinkled with hugs and kisses — solves any problem, try it!