Why do you get to play God to Delete A Girl Child, A Sister Successfully?

Let’s ARISE! I feel empowered as a Texan Indian American girl child with several role models like Rani Laxmibai, Susan Anthony, Rosa Parks, Bhagat Singh Thind, Great Humanitarians of 20th Century — Gandhiji, Madiba, Dr. King, Kalpana Chawla, Sushma Swaraj, Nikki Haley and so many more. I have been pre-meditatively discriminated based on gender, nationality, birth type, religion, race — normally a hate crime but can’t even get an investigation to establish neutrality. Is there something to HIDE? And if there is any doubt whether the heinous events are an accident or deliberate, there have been 7+ years to correct it, it’s NEVER too LATE for a child! Let the evidence DECIDE the intent — good or bad. Why does anyone get to play God with a child’s life? Power, control, bullying, exploitation, abuse, you Decide.

Our goal is simple — follow the truth to:

  • Restore honor and justice for a deleted girl child
  • Freedom from childhood statelessness and UNITE biological siblings as intended.
“Texas cannot satisfactorily explain why it applies current medical standards for diagnosing intellectual disability in other contexts, yet clings to superseded standards when an individual’s life is at stake,” — US Supreme Court said in a court case on March 28, 2017

This is EXACTLY what has happened to us, the innocent children. We cannot understand that while Texas allows a “genetic male” to be a “legal mother” of a “child born out of wedlock” due to “medical condition”, yet clings to its OWN superseded standards when a SIBLING, a girl child, born during the SAME marriage is DELETED, DENIED due process let alone justice, and their RIGHT TO LIVE of innocent children — the future is at stake. Why? Who is manipulating and mocking the system for a selfish benefit which exploits innocent children and women? We want to know who is behind this and trying to play GOD while we still have rule of laws to follow?

There are other children born via IVF/Surrogacy during divorce but are COUNTED, or others made stateless but are COUNTED, or others where biological family has NOT been divided, or others where knowingly using a fraud birth record by a non-genetic adult is a CRIME BUT not in this case. What gives? For the “rule of law pundits”, the laws have not changed meaning this whole thing can be repeated by smart, privileged adults on another innocent child. What are the authorities doing about it? We believe “Even one more is too many” but the inaction of the authorities is not sending out the same vibe and certainly not respecting the “rule of law” given the inconsistent enforcement of the laws. It ALL begins at HOME — the ONE I was DENIED by direct actions of POWERFUL adults.

Are minorities within a minority equally protected or do we deserve to be ignored, deleted, denied for birth events we had neither any say in or had any control over? A CRIME is a CRIME or are Minority on Minority crimes exempt? We can’t think of a single reason that can justify to delete, deny, divide a girl child and sister and are speaking up, can you?

“Child Birth” — It’s a very sensitive topic not just for humans but also for animals like giraffes, elephants, whales, sharks and so on. When a life is born, a mother giraffe or mother elephant will “kick their offspring” not to ABUSE them but to get them to walk and defend themselves from other wild animals who may NOT share the same joy. An offspring of a whale or shark is born underwater and knows how to swim, breathe in water almost immediately because their survival depends on it. In all these cases, the “offspring” has to HIT the ground/water running since birth. That’s what it is like for a child born stateless at birth — hit the ground running and defend themselves at every nook and corner of the labyrinth of social, moral, ethical, legal issues. Imagine a parent and/or adult kicking a human child at birth, or throwing them in the water to learn to swim at birth, is that CHILD ABUSE or is it normal? Then why is FORCING a girl child and sister at birth into KNOWN consequences of statelessness and left to defend themselves NOT child abuse? I can assure you whatever it is that makes you float your boat every morning to wake up — be it your family, your children, your work, equal rights, human rights, child rights, women rights, etc, etc — DEFENDING a stateless girl child and sister and her social, ethical, moral, legal issues COVERS 90–95% of whatever it is you are waking up for everyday. Will you first listen and then decide whether to SUPPORT or IGNORE but at least do NOT abuse?

Is there VALUE when an adult SHOWS UP for the child?

I am afraid to speak up due to the ones who stole my freedom are some very powerful adults in the most powerful nation. But I have faith in a civilized system where we ALL are included and at least be allowed to speak freely and peacefully. I am DELETED as a girl child with NO due process. Is it because I am a girl, or for being Indian, or for being immigrant, or for being born via IVF/Surrogacy (my birth type) or all of the above or is it to baby scoop my brother away and I was used as a “human shield” to suppress the truth? Do I have freedom to ask the questions on why MyFreedom was stolen at birth? Regardless of the motive, the social, legal, physical implications on my young life are existential and monumental and I care more about the ongoing exploitation and abuse than the past motives. The fundamental question is building a family by deleting a family member OK in 2017+? Apparently it is OK in 2009/10 in USA but is it still OK?

How is Deleting a girl child and Dividing a brother and sister helping transgender/intersex adults get “freedom of choice” for bathrooms? Are we solving or compounding problems? Knowingly pushing a little child into the battlefield against intersex, immigrant, IVF/Surrogacy rights is NO way to get an adult’s rights.

Who gets to play God?

I will STOP saying words like transgender/intersex/hijra the same day my DENIAL of rights is STOPPED as a child of transgender/intersex/hijra couple. The easiest way to do that is for the transgender/intersex/hijra adult to SHOW UP and the entire episode of torture, abuse, exploitation is avoided. Let’s NOT pretend this is about women’s rights or human’s rights by silencing and marauding the rights of a girl child. Give.US.A.Break. The ultimate irony is that even in 2017, Houston, Texas, USA where I was deleted by overseas fraud and where my home is “at the time of birth” can’t even give freedom of choice of “bathroom” to transgender/intersex adults BUT same intersex adult has a choice to COUNT a Texan Indian American child but DELETE their Texan Indian American sister and a girl child in 2009/10? What kind of “family law experts” allow building a family by DELETING a family member? Hmmmm…..sounds more like power and control rather than “rule of law” or American values like truth, liberty, justice for ALL with equal protection under the law. Highly unAmerican! All we can agree on is people in power can suppress facts and control for 5–10–20–30–40 years but eventually TRUTH comes out just like water always finds a way! Cases in point — #ChurchAbuse #SportsProgramAbuse #FamilyAbusers. PS: The outsiders, but also powerful, who want to lecture us on what a “hijra” is in India, can they get “bathroom choice” freedom for transgender/intersex adults in Houston, Texas in 2017? Let’s NOT throw stones while living in a glass house and perhaps as learned adults, you may be familiar with a term called SEMANTICS and cultural sensitivity. Don’t lecture me about MY culture when you cannot even PRO-NOUN-CE my name right. Incidentally, I am also a fellow Texan, American and an Indian but above all, I am a HUMAN BEING in the same generation as your children and/or grandchildren, your sons and daughters or your grandsons and granddaughters, think about what YOUR ACTIONS are EDUCATING us — the FUTURE. When lies, fraud, hypocrisy goes on for 7+ years, is it time to call it what it is — HATE and BIGOTRY by the outsiders against defenseless, resourceless innocent children left with no due process? In my school, they warn us about strangers like you — BULLIES, ABUSERS. There are millions of children like me, you can choose to help us, ignore us but all we ask is please DO NOT ABUSE or MOCK US for birth conditions we have NO control over. Why do you get to play GOD? Check out Thordis Elva of Iceland and Mr. Strange of Australia on how they are paving the way for the future to reconciliation — with truth and inclusivity!

The ultimate POWER is with truth, not any individual or individuals or institutions. Fight truth at your own risk. It is better to have died fighting for what’s right than living in silence against the wrongs because truth outlasts us.

During “baby scoop era” for which governments have already apologized, innocent children were taken away from biological families and given away to rich, privileged infertile couples because somehow “single biological mother” OR “native American biological family” could NOT care for their children? As apologies have already been issued after decades, multiple truth and reconciliation commissions, the facts of thousands of these cases are well-documented and undisputed. Today NO ONE would think of REPEATING the same against “single mothers” OR “native Americans” but it’s OK to REPEAT the same against the children and siblings of Indian American immigrant, IVF/Surrogacy biological parent and silence them? During the initial times, some “social organizations”, “members of legal system (experts)”, rich adults, and others conspired together to first take away the child and then JUSTIFY it while perpetrating a labyrinth of lies, fraud documents, coercion, duress. This failed strategy has been rebuked by the governments who have issued apologies including State and Federal governments in the US by passing laws and other countries like Canada, UK, Australia for similar torturous strategies. That was a few decades ago. In the 21st century, we have REPEAT of the same formula in the “Baby Scoop Era 2.0” version with far-reaching effects on multiple social and legal issues of our times and worst stealing FREEDOM from innocent children and siblings at birth! What is the purpose?

We can choose to live in a world when people like Copernicus and Galileo were killed for stating the obvious truth which questioned centuries old dogma. Today, of course their truth is taught to ALL children in schools ALL over the world. Or we can choose to move forward. Would accepting the truth make Copernicus and Galileo alive today, NO but it would have NOT got them killed and we would still be learning the same truth in schools all over the world today because truth is powerful. What is the rejection and fight for?

In a civilized society, different individuals and even entire institutions define freedom differently. Some call it “truth, liberty, justice for all”, some call it “equal protection under law”, some call it due process and a day in court and so on. All of these have been DENIED to me as a little girl child. I can understand the circumstances are complex because it was deliberately made that way by the perpetrators so it “buys time” to untangle, does that mean we the civilized society endorse their heinous strategy or stand UP?

In 2009–17, US politics knew of the “Gang of Eight” who worked with civility across party lines on multiple issues like immigration, Girls Count Act, and so many other important issues that DIRECTLY affect children like me. In contrast, there is a different Gang of Eight 2.0 who deliberately stole my freedom and denied me due process resulting in torture, exploitation, abuse, statelessness of a little girl child and sister based on their own actions. I have come to realize that “girl child rights” are different than “women’s rights” especially when the perpetrators are women. Like in *some* cases of dowry, female foeticide, infertile woman taking away someone else’s child, sisters being forced to sacrifice for brothers, restricted access to education and basic rights for a girl child, and so many more. Are we allowed to speak up freely and peacefully about these social and legal issues of our times or be silenced?

As I search for MyFreedom, I am also deciphering the FACTS around my situation. The names used are based on public records obtained of individuals who have SIGNED legal documents which DELETED me, DENIED my rights and stole My FREEDOM. Any resemblance is a pure coincidence and only those adults need to be concerned who signed legal documents under oath to first exploit me and then silence me from revealing their exploitation and abuse while also denying My Freedom. I hope the powers to be can understand I am searching for My Freedom and unearthing multiple other issues along the way. And no matter how complex any issue is, the result cannot be a DELETED girl child left with NO due process as is my status quo. Truth is so much simpler and easier and can stand the test of time even when the children and grandchildren of the adult perpetrators are old enough who belong to MY generation.

I respectfully and humbly ask anyone to come forward with the truth if they think they were duped, frauded, lied to because there is a LOT MORE than just a life at stake here. If someone can mock Indian laws, US laws, Texas laws successfully, I suppose they can ALSO mock an innocent little girl child and her rights?

Compassion should not be confused with Denial of Rights

We fully understand why Niti Atre has done what she has because her legal status and the current laws do NOT allow her to have a child legally or biologically and her fight is with the laws but using me as a crutch. I am fighting the SAME laws due to the actions of Gang of Eight 2.0. Any third party — individual or institution has to decide to get involved based on FACTS. If filing divorce gives the “State” to come into the bedroom of an intersex, immigrant, infertile couple, what events trigger the “State” to come into the nursery of an intersex, immigrant, IVF/Surrogacy family with children? Or do children don’t COUNT? To claim that legal documents issued by Governments world over like “birth certificate”, “passport”, “legal identity” is a “family issue” is to either DISTORT the facts or outright DENY as much as a “marriage certificate” between two males is a “family issue”. Let’s get a MOVE to the GenNext issues. The irony learnt in the fight thus far is whatever patriarchial issues that women (feminists or otherwise) face in wanting to get counted as equals in the work place, at home, in society are the SAME issues faced in wanting a Surrogacy child of immigrants to be COUNTED as an equal! And as anyone who has been involved in this centuries old struggle can attest, these are not “minor” issues and takes a collective effort not just from individuals, groups but with direct support from governments yet we are left to defend alone! The point is this is NOT a minor issue in our GenNext generation being held hostage to past issues of a patriarchial society. Your turn, GO.

Gang of Eight 2.0

The Gang of Eight 2.0 who DELETED ME, DENIED MY DUE PROCESS RIGHTS, STOLE MY FREEDOM and are living freely with impunity while me and my brother are left stateless and divided. As “legal experts” or as “In the Know” adults, you decide on facts whether what was done to us is an accident or pre-meditated and fully knowing the consequences? Over the centuries, various groups of people are dealt with differently be it gay rights or women suffrage or civil rights or apartheid or baby scooping or wanting freedom from colonization and so on. There is even a deliberate movement to discredit the social and legal issues of each group, or else called intolerance, hate, bigotry. The question is it the same ideology NOW who is wanting to discredit and suppress the social and legal issues of IVF/Surrogacy children and families? As multiple governments have recognized via direct action, be it a Surrogacy ban (India, Thailand, Nepal) joining multiple other European countries and several states within US or direct action where the upper most echelons of the government have gotten involved directly in individual Surrogacy cases. All these actions imply that Surrogacy across borders has social and legal issues for children and its political much like marriage certificate for gays is political. The below Gang of Eight 2.0 would have you believe otherwise. Salmon does swim upstream but its to give “birth”, why are these folks going backwards to delete a girl child at birth?

  1. Niti Atre, a girl child deleter — An adult with a legal status of Indian passport living in USA who gave joint consent to have a child via IVF/Surrogacy in India to help solve her infertility but later did NOT SHOW UP to India when I was born and provided a letter under oath as a sworn affidavit that she did NOT want my child custody. But did keep the custody of my biological brother, an Indian citizen, born the same way in India. Niti Atre is a very knowledgeable person of the IVF/Surrogacy process and the legal paperwork a CHILD needs as she had come for my brother and got a fraud birth record for him to take to the US. Did Niti Atre pre-meditatively NOT SHOW UP when I was born which forces our “biological parent”, also her spouse, to RUN to India to save me but forced to GIVE up his son, my brother, in the US? Was I used as a “human shield” and bait? Niti Atre’s actions directly amde me stateless like several other chidlren born like us. While I was NOT allowed to lie about my birth record and thus not get a passport, why is my brother allowed the SAME lie on his birth record and keeping him in the US? This inconsistent application of laws is what is DIVIDING us innocent children and siblings while also making us STATELESS (unable to get passport). Did the adults know of consequences of their actions?
  2. Purnima Atre, , a girl child deleter — Biological mother of Niti Atre and also her agent in India for IVF/Surrogacy. Purnima Atre signed a Surrogacy contract under oath and dworn affidavit that in case of a divorce, Purnima Atre will take my custody. However, when Niti Atre filed divorce in USA and DELETED me, Purnima Atre NEVER came to claim my custody nor paid the surrogate. What is the responsibility and accountability of giving signatures and sworn affidavit and who pays the surrogate in India? From what I understand, Purnima Atre, a girl child deleter, is a retired school teacher and highly liked, I wonder what is the LESSON she is trying to teach me? Did the adults know the consequences of their actions?
  3. Texas Board Certified Houston “Family Law”Attorney Adam Morris, a girl child deleter — The Chief Legal Counsel in Houston Court who submitted a signed divorce petition in July 2009 without declaring me as an officer of the court but did declare property in India and my IVF/Surrogacy brother. Any averments as he falsely claims to include me, he could have done so after I was born in September 2009, but he NEVER did that. Texas is a pro-life state while I was deleted in the 7th month term. Should ALL other Texas spouses (mothers, fathers, transgender, intersex) be concerned their Texan child can also be DELETED likewise? In 2009, could two genetic males marry or divorce in Texas? Heck even in with 2017, transgender/intersex adults in Houston cannot choose their “bathroom” freely but they can choose which sibling to DELETE and which sibling to COUNT? What is the message? Texas Governor Greg Abbott, then the Texas Attorney General has been a vocal critic of same-sex marriage and divorce in Texas. How do we justify a “genetic male”, immigrant, non-genetic adult be declared a “mother” of an IVF/Surrogacy, immigrant, with “no genetic link” of “child born out of wedlock”? Legally, IVF/Surrogacy children are deemed “child born out of wedlock” as per US laws as demeaning and offensive it is for children born during a marriage of an infertile couple. Have Texas laws been followed, violated or mocked by the Gang of Eight 2.0? Adam Morris later states UNDER OATH that the compassionate American family who gave me shelter is “not family” because we have “no genetic link”. This from an “officer of the court” whose client has “NO GENETIC LINK” with “MY GENETIC brother”. Is this hypocrisy OR bigotry or wanting to win at ALL COSTS even by DELETING A GIRL CHILD and SISTER? Or perhaps, as a “legal expert” he knew the Texas laws and knew he needed to SUPPRESS the truth in order to win CHILD CUSTODY of my brother and CREATED a bait in me where his opponent, the other spouse AND ALSO our biological parent, was FORCED to run to India to SAVE ME while they scooped away my brother in US and got all kinds of fraud legal documents signed under duress, coercion, torture which also BREAKS Texas and US laws. The government has already apologized for similar acts during baby scoop era.
  4. Texas Board Certified Houston “Family Law”Attorney Becky Reitz, a girl child deleter — Court Appointed Amicus attorney in November 2009 for my brother. I was born in September 2009, why was I NOT represented by her? And as an officer of the court, did she inform the Honorable Court of “another child of marriage”? Why was I not given legal representation and legal decisions made for ME without MY CONSENT or DUE PROCESS? Was the “best interest of the child”, my brother, represented by her fairly represented by DELETING his biological sister and thus our biological family TRAPPED in India due to their actions? Were the consequences of the actions known?
  5. Texas Board Certified Houston “Family Law”Attorney Lauren Durso, a girl child deleter — Signed up Co-Counsel of Adam Morris from reputable conservative “family law” firm of Short, Carter and Morris with decades of “family law” experience. We want to know what kind of “family law” allows one to build a family by DELETING a family member, a girl child and sister? As a woman herself, did she “co-counsel” and as an independent “officer of the court” in their own right, did they protect best interest of me — a girl child or did the decades old patriarchial system overshadow their duty to uphold Texas and US laws? The reputable “law firm” secured a divorce between “two genetic males” in 2009/10 — long before it became legal in Texas by deleting and denying a Texan girl child’s rights. Were the consequences of the actions known?
  6. Honorable Asst. Judge Ann Shelton,a girl child deleter — Officer of the Honorable Court who signed and DENIED an Indian citizen child to come to India to see me, his biological sister, and thus divided biological siblings and family. They also selectively enforced the Hague Treaty on International Child Abduction while not enforcing the Hague Apostille treaty on foreign legal documents like a birth record of a child born abroad like us. They also did not recognize the UN Declaration on Human Rights to allow an Indian citizen minor to come to India where his entire biological family is. They also did not recognize the subsidiarity principle in international law for “non-genetic parents” where biological siblings are to be together in their best interest. Were the consequences of the actions known?
  7. Honorable Judge Doug Warne, a girl child deleter — Officer of the Honorable Court who signed the divorce decree in May 2010 that deleted me. Was he made aware of the facts of the case or were the facts suppressed or were they too close to retirement in 2010 and was there a RUSH to COURT ORDER? The fundamental question is how can two children born during the marriage the same way where one is COUNTED and other is DELETED while the US laws considers both of us as “child born out of wedlock”? Were prevailing Texas laws FOLLOWED? Is justice served or denied? Whether they were in the know or not, only they can answer but in signing a court order which deleted me, denied me due process , I have to still DEAL with its consequences.
  8. Daya, a girl child deleter— A social organization whose objectives are helping “South Asian”, “women” and “children” and has been cited as an aide by Niti Atre, a girl child deleter, under oath. I have NO issues Daya helping an intersex, immigrant, Indian adult like Niti Atre, a girl child deleter. My question is WHY NOT ALSO HELP an Indian, girl, child like me in line with their stated objectives? There were also several “social organizations” during baby scoop era who aided in taking away innocent children from biological families by false reports, false legal documents, etc. And if DAYA was kept in the dark, it is NEVER TOO LATE to help a DELETED girl child and honor their OWN objectives by coming forward and stating the truth which can HELP me.
  9. Honorable Judge Denise Platt, a girl child deleter — Officer of the Honorable Court who was forced to resign while in office due to judicial improprieties. While other cases ordered under the same judge have been reviewed, NO REVIEW for my case. Are the consequences of the actions known?

Neither a Threat, Nor a Challenge — Just the Truth

The US judicial system has a very good legal apparatus if used fairly and equally. But the SAME apparatus can be misused by some who are knowledgeable of the SAME process. No more different than an infertile woman who happens to be a nurse (otherwise a noble profession) and is “in the know” about how a hospital works decides to “baby scoop” a child from the hospital away from the biological parents and raises the child with “all the love” using a fraud birth record for the child. Its a federal CRIME in USA. But NOT in my case. This gang of eight 2.0 is NO different than an attack on a biological family where an innocent little girl child like me is USED as bait to extort and blackmail my brother from our biological parent under duress, coercion and torture. There are some adults who abuse and exploit innocent, defenseless children while HIDE behind their profession at unknowing but highly reputable institutions and continue to set a labyrinth of lies, denials, false character assassinations, etc for decades but truth catches up eventually. #ChurchAbuse, #SportsProgramAbuse, #FamilyAbusers.

There are some who have name-called us and that too in OPEN COURT like “half-siblings”, “child born out of wedlock”, etc to DENY our rights while justifying THEIR ACTIONS. To those I have one thing to ponder. Genetically by birth it is true that me and my brother are “half-siblings” and I “feel” like a daughter and sister even though legally I have been DELETED as a sister and daughter. Similarly, Niti Atre is a genetic male by birth and socially may “feel” like a female and a mother but legally is a male or third gender (depending on jurisdiction) and cannot be a “mother” of a “child born out of wedlock” because the laws recognize the female with the “genetic link” (egg donor) or female who gave birth (surrogate) as the mother. Yes, its COMPLICATED. But it’s SIMPLE. Niti Atre and I are facing the SAME laws which are inadequate in 21st century for children born like us “at birth”. Ideally, we would be on the SAME side against a bureaucratic system but the GANG of Eight 2.0 has decided to USE it against us innocent children and siblings instead.

To the “officers of the court” but also human beings. I wish you or anyone in your family NEVER have to deal with infertility and have a child via IVF/Surrogacy like me and my brother. Because when it hits home, you will know how INADEQUATE the laws are and instead of MOCKING and TORTURING us, you can choose to show COMPASSION or IGNORE us….kicking a person who is fallen is NO ACT of HUMANITY even a prisoner of war as Abu Ghraib has shown. Even they have rights. Is “name-calling” anyone’s child UGLY ever OK? Our status quo is UGLY.

Ariel Castro was a “good parent” as per his own children who later disowned him after finding out he was also the SAME PERSON who entrapped other people’s daughters, some even they knew, and exploited and abused them. I am also someone’s daughter, I am also someone who my brother knows, I was also made stateless and a travel ban imposed because ONE adult decided NOT to SHOW UP knowingly. Legally, my brother is stateless for the SAME REASONS I was made stateless as the laws are EQUAL for all. And if the system continues to “look the other way” while enforcing the laws for me and millions like us, what is the message about “rule of law” they are trying to send?

To those perpetrators who may have children or grandchildren of MY age, MY Generation, we are more tolerant and welcoming of diversity in every way. If I am NOT silenced before, I, a child, intend to be around longer than my adult perpetrators. We will see who has the last word on truth and let time DECIDE. If you suit me, suit me and at least that way I will get my DAY in COURT which has been DENIED thus far. It will also provide the evidence of what these GANG of EIGHT 2.0 does to little girls. If they HOLD their silence, it must mean this is the TRUTH. How can civilized and democratic systems tolerate such tyranny, exploitation, abuse, torture against innocent children pre-meditatively made stateless with no due process? We have faith in the institutions of the civilized world.