Innovation at the heart of climate change

GillesBerhault, Chairman of ACIDD, founder of ICA Community and organiser of Breakthrough Night

Why innovation and climat has to be associated ?

For a long time, we have invented products and services supporting climate change but not sufficiently. Our energy, our imagination, our invention abilities have been developed without taking into account the climate impact.

According to a survey conducted by IFOP, most interviewees define innovation terme as our capacity to invent new solutions (60%), and for 20% our ability to adapt us to climate change. Both are true. It’s essantial to link new solutions in favour of our adaptation to climate change. We have a shared responsibility for COP21, at this major breakthrough of our history, to make ideas, talents and wishes converged. We need to make alliances and put our collective energy within the ICA community and its launch at the Breakthrough Night on 4th of December.

How the ICA community can help an innovator ?

An innovator, startuper, entrepreneur will find the necessary coaching and business culture to promote his project, identify ambassadors, meet connectors, investors and people to challenge innovations and go faster. The challengel is to be fast. ICA means Innovation Climate Accelerator. Accelerate is the word. If we have time, we could let it go, but we can’t. We have to speed up the realization of new projects from idea to purpose.

Why launch an accelerator during the COP21 ?

During the COP21 where medias, entrepreneurs, analysts, engineers and all actors will turn their eyes towards Paris, the Breakthrough Night will happen at the perfect time to link global intention, good idea and performance. Many events will take place in the French capitale and this highlight will be the unique time to meet massively all innovation actors in the heart of the famous Grand Palais.

A message to give to entrepreneur who would like to come ?

This convergence time is the best moment to give exposure to innovative solutions and enhance them with a disruptive dimension. With the Breakthrough show presenting the 10 most relevant disruptive trends, the Breakthrough Camp to enhance 60 projects, the live and online pitches and the mobile app ICA by Swapcard to allow people to connect with each other, this kick off is just the starting place to run together innovation for climate change.

Innovators, investors, analysts or just innovation makers or lovers, come over and visit the Grand Palais to participate to the projects call and present your innovative solutions at Le Grand Palais.

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