Dear Minimalists, We can’t wait to host our first AMA this year on Thursday, January 13th at 11:00 UTC on our minima-stage. Our CTO, Paddy Cerri, will go live to answer all your questions and talk about our plans for 2022. Before and during the AMA, you can post your questions in stage-questions and, we’ll pick up as many as we can on-stage.

Please note, the stage-question channel will open to everyone from Monday, January 10th. You can find all the details on our AMA also on our blog:

We’re looking forward to seeing you±



Dear Minimalists,

A lot of things have happened at Minima in the last few weeks.

On Thursday, December 16th, 11.00 UTC, our team will go live on our Discord Stage, giving you the chance to discuss the latest developments with us directly.

To join the discussion, simply raise your hand, or drop your ideas, views, questions in our #stage-questions channel, and we’ll pick them up.

If you have suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered, please let us know by commenting on this post or tweeting at us.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

Your Minima Team.

Join our Discord server here: