He was friends with the Rodents of the earth

Also with the Birds of the air

He knew much the secrets of the earth

He was a master of paths in the sky

Loved by the Rodents

Adored by the Birds

Àdán, the link between both worlds

In the days before the Lion became the king of the jungle

A war broke out between Birds and Rodents

Birds dropped pellets from between the clouds

The Rodents shot charms that clipped the birds’ wings

Rodents called on Àdán their good friend to fight by their side

He smiled, showing his canine

A few cowries, he requested for…

The Birds sang their tune of war,

They summoned Adan their friend to fly with them

He flapped his wings in ecstasy

And did a war dance

A few cowries he requested for…

The war was very intense

Adan hid in a cave with his Cowries

He was smarter than them all

It was Lágbájá, the Grasshopper

The one with six legs that hopped into the clouds to have a talk with the birds

He dug into the earth to reason with the Rodents

Lágbájá, the wise Grasshopper brought peace

In the cloud and in the earth

For Àdán the mulct, hmmm

He was banished from the earth and from the air

The Sun in the clouds promised to blind Àdán’s eye if he roves at noon

While creatures of the earth flee at the sight of the traitor at Dawn

Adan and the rest of his kindred lived the rest of their lives in dark caves

Lonely, Lonely Àdán

Kò s’Eku, kò s’Eiye mo

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