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5 Dapps not getting enough Love.

TenX & CCCoin

So far on crypto currencies in 2017, Ethereum has become one of the biggest Blockchain technologies. Since inception, Ethereum was created for any decentralized application developers. However, Ethereum system supports decentralized smart contracts. These contracts are protocols that aids, implement or verify agreements of negotiation of a contract which is done in an unbiased and unhackable fashion.

These applications are the trending blockchain technology which has contributed tremendously to the ICO market. This article nevertheless, aimed at the top 5 Overlooked Ethereum powered decentralized apps which have appeared as the driving force behind cryptocurrency market — yet No one is mentioning them.


Etheria is a simple Ethereum decentralized app with a similar look to the Minecraft. The Etheria is a fully based app that operates on Ethereum Blockchain. Tiles in Etheria could be purchased for full Ether. However, as the purchase is made, the owner can send a send a smart contract protocol to the buyer. This app restricts any access to the third party and cannot be as well hacked.


As derived from the name, EtherTweet is an Ethereum decentralized apps that are strictly functioning with the twitter system. However, the app is an uncensored communication platform which is based on the Ethereum Blockchain platform. EtherTweet users can interact by adding a message to their Blockchain. These Blockchain Message contributions are public with maximum restriction of 160 characters. Once a user tweet is sent, no modification could be made; alteration could indeed be made by the publisher.

Raiden Network

Another Ethereum application which is a fast-performing asset transfer known as Raiden Network. This app initially aimed to operate like the Lightning Network for BitCoin. However, the Raiden Network is more complicated in its operation than the Lightning network. Although, experts confirmed that the DApps still require modification as it needs to be made to address issues of scalability, instant transaction, and reliability. The Raiden DApps was observed to have more successful tools in future to top the cryptocurrency industry.


TenX is a type of DApps that focus on Ethereum`s status as a currency and develop it deeper by allowing its users to make use of Ether everywhere. The application is looking into the selling of physical cards that would convert Ether to a fiat currency by collaborating with Visa and Mastercard.


CCCoin is an amazingly innovative idea that should be applauded — It is the World’s first Charitable Decentralized Application. built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It does not ICO until Aug 21st and I expect it to be a big one. Essentially how it works is instead of having CCCoins “mined” — the coins automatically appear in the CCCoin-Team wallet every month. The CCCoin Team then sells the coins onto the exchanges and donates at least 75% of the money to charity. The charities are chosen by the CCCoin holders using a blockchain voting system. It’s one of the most socially responsible uses of blockchain technology I have seen.


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