ShineCoin - An anonymous, adult webcam network token (ICO)

ShineCoin ICO recently began but for some reason it is not covered in the media, even so this project is good.

Let’s start with the background. When the internet didn’t exist, there were strip clubs where you could feast your eyes on beautiful bodies, have a chat, relax and relieve your tension. After the internet was invented and its bandwidth increased webcam studios began to appear. The models where able to reach a larger audience, to work in secret from their cities and the most importantly to do it safely. But webcams studios took most of the income, reaching up to 75% of it. It changed when centralized webcam sites were formed and models could work directly without a participation of any studios. Webcam sites have the ability to buy large amounts of traffic, which reduces costs per model, which is why models’ earnings increased up to 50%. There are dozens of such sites now most of them are regional but considered as international. Traffic of these sites comes mainly from certain countries. And it’s time to aggregate them all to make a convenient tool for the models to perform on various Webcam sites simultaneously, that’s what we started to do.

It is also a solution for lots of people as a way of monetizing themselves, their bodies, excluding the risks associated with prostitution (HIV, problems with the law, violence, etc.). The team claims that they are against prostitution and offer an alternative. In most countries, this activity is legal, since it’s more a strip club than a brothel. This is an opportunity to be independent of a work schedule or location for models. They can communicate and earn money at their convenient time and place with a free schedule.

It’s enough to have a camera and computer for a model or even a tablet or smartphone would be suitable. The model signs up for our resource, verifies her age and everything is ready to go. Communication takes place in a real-time. You can limit your appearance for a city, state or country to maintain your privacy. Models are able to make group paid shows and private chats with users.

Since the project enters the existing competitive market, we won’t reveal all advantages. However, there are some interesting features. Models will be able to work on several webcam sites using one tab of a browser, so they will not miss any message from any webcam site. There will be an opportunity to assign moderators. Chat-bots will filter all chats and answer frequently asked questions. Viewers even will be able to play with them while model is busy. Among other things, users will be able to order music they want, and of course a fixed discount of 50% will be available if you pay with ShineCoin.

The team is transnational that is why the final place for their headquarters is not yet determined. As we know, many countries have their discussions on blockchain and crypto-currencies related issues. So there’s no wonder the project has not yet decided on its jurisdiction. It is noteworthy that the team includes industry representatives such as acting models, which means they know the details right so they can bring something new to the industry.

A summary of key messages, aggregation is a great business model. Uber aggregates taxi drivers, OneTwoTrip does air tickets, Airbnb does landlords and ShineCoin will aggregate webcam models.

About ShineCoin

ShineCoin — the accounting unit that gives a 50% discount for adult services on network.

User can replenish his internal account on in any convenient way (Visa, MasterCard, mobile operator, paypal). A price of a unit will depend on the amount of replenishment (the more replenishment is the less the price per unit), but only payment with ShineCoin guarantees the lowest price for one unit regardless of the amount of replenishment. And this is twice as much fun and pleasant content!

How ShineCoin works…

Up to 10 000 000 SHINE will be released during ICO. Coins will be further distributed to their holders, and that sounds interesting. Very often speculators who bought a coin start to get rid of it when ICO ends and stock exchange begins. Coins go down in value. This project will motivate coin holders to refrain from selling it. The longer they hold it the bigger reward they have. Coin holders will receive the reward during the transaction, but there are several conditions:

· Holder must wait for at least 15 days after his last transaction to make an outgoing transaction. At the time of product release, minimum ownership duration will rapidly decrease to 10 days, than to 5 days. And after 6 month it will decrease to 1 day.

· Every incoming transaction must replenish holder’s current portfolio to no less than ⅓ of its volume. Incoming transaction should be made only once per 24 hours.

There is a lifehack how to sell coins before 15 days from a last transaction. It is recommended to buy no less than ⅓ holder’s current portfolio to fix a reward and sell the necessary volume after that. At the moment interest rate is 105% per year.

Summary on this topic, SHINE is suitable for both medium and long-term prospects. It contains user demand, since we all like to save money or or receive bonuses. There is a motivation to keep coins, which reduces its offer on the exchange.

Total, the project is very interesting; the likelihood that the project will achieve its goals is high. Aggregators were and are excellent business models. Over time it will discover more and more markets. And we are proud to say that the larger part of the company founders are women.

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