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The beginning of a new year is a perfect time to take a step back, reflect on your experiences and align your focus accordingly. While it’s not possible to say which way the market is going to go — one thing is for sure: cryptocurrencies and ICOs are here to stay.

Nevertheless, we are sorry to say that the market is not in the condition to start our Main Sale. We analyzed the market with our analysts as much as possible and spoke to experts about their perception and assessment. And again: it’s not possible for anyone to say which way the market is going to go from here. A reasonable and honest statement on the start and end of Main Sale is not possible.

We are convinced that our decision is in the best interest of all our Pre-Sale investors. It’s our duty to make a well-considered decision for all our investors to get the best out of it. You can be sure that we can hardly wait to really get started with the Main Sale. We know, that it’s not easy to wait and see and we thank you all for your patience.

On a good way

Good news, dear community: we are on the right track with HELIX Orange. Digital Identity is one of the hottest and most needed services in the crypto-sphere and beyond. With our Digital Identity platform for crypto investors and ICO projects, we will bring back trust in the crypto community. HELIX Orange is the ideal platform to bring all parties that want to establish a sustainable ecosystem together.

Behind the scenes

Postponing the Main Sale does not mean that we’ve stopped our work. You can be sure that we can hardly wait to really get started with the Main Sale. It’s not easy to wait and see and we thank you all for your patience. But we’re making good use of the time: We are doing a lot of partnerships. We are talking to different exchanges. We work on new alliances. We are in intensive discussions with investors.

We are currently working with one of the largest automotive companies to evaluate our identity solution for their global need. Within this project, we are building new technology and working on a new mobile version.

The company behind our project is named Blockchain HELIX AG.
Blockchain HELIX is a stock-based company with the Blockchain focus since early 2016. The company is seen as one of the key players in Blockchain with high credibility and a strong focus on real-world solutions. We will update about funding in the near future.

Please watch the video for more information about our business model http://bit.ly/2MjEyUr

HELIX Orange Partnerships

What are we focusing on?

We are focusing on technical developments and are working on the technical platform. We have already +350 listed investors from all over the world. Your investors check in: my.helix-orange.com/areyouaninvestor

We are working with open standards like OAuth2, OpenID connects and other. As we are working on key management and key custody solution, we will provide this service in the future. We are right now talking with other identity providers to manage standards in the world of Blockchain and DLT and with the legacy identity providers, we are targeting partnerships. We are talking to eIDAS providers as well to cover the serious aspects of identity solutions.

Additionally, we have +150 application from ICO projects worldwide. We are preparing for the next technical milestone: the rollout of HELIX Orange Beta is planned for March 2019. A detailed roadmap is in progress as well as an update of our whitepaper. We are also in the final stages of finalizing our Technical light paper. The deadline for publication is in February 2019.

Your investors check in: https://my.helix-orange.com/en/areyouaninvestor

When will the Main Sale happen then?

We are observing the market and every slight indication for a rebounce will get us in the Main Sale process again. We will keep you updated on our different social media channels that we highly encourage you to participate. Telegram and Twitter are our main communication channels:


What happens to my investment?

No need to worry — all funds are 100% saved. We will introduce our new dashboard in the next weeks with new exciting features to help us spread the word about HELIX Orange and will give you, even more, features to participate and donate HIX tokens.

Our Token Economy

Token type = UTILITY TOKEN
Token ticker symbol = HIX
1 EUR = 100 HIX
Tokens created = HIX
Tokens for sale = 3.500.000.000 HIX
Soft cap = 1.000.000 EUR
Hard cap = 35.000.000 EUR
Emission quota = 70%

Unsold token will be burned.

HIX Tokens will be listed on exchanges and on the HELIX Orange platform. You will be able to use the services. You can buy HIX tokens with fiat or cryptos.

We will distribute all airdrop token after the Main Sale.

We will update you about the token distribution after ICO. We are planning to distribute the token as fast as possible after the Main Sale and we are working on it as we will launch the new dashboard in the upcoming weeks with a lot of new capabilities.

Can I support HELIX Orange?

We have no new hires but we are talking to a couple of applicants for different roles in our team. We are currently looking for a UX/UI expert for App development and for an additional developer for interface programming with knowledge of OpenID Connect and different Authentication schemes. Any applications to sandra@helix-orange.com

We are focusing on building up our community even more and we strongly believe in the power of the crowd. If you want to become a part of the HELIX Orange Community team contact us on Telegram.

Talk to us

The next event where you can meet us is at the FinTech Headquarter in Frankfurt on February 07th. Contact us if you want to join on Telegram https://t.me/srj00

Meet the entire HELIX Orange team on ico.helix-orange.com

We have something special for you

We want to thank you all for your great support and all investors for the trust you have in HELIX Orange. Therefore, anyone who has already invested in our Pre-Sale will receive 5% bonus on the invested amount. The bonus will be credited after the rollout of our new dashboard. We’ll keep you posted on Telegram.

Feel free to send us your feedback or share this in our Telegram group!

Do you want to know more about us and HELIX Orange? Read our whitepaper at ico.helix-orange.com, join the HELIX Orange Telegram community https://t.me/helixorange — or just talk to us: We look forward to receiving your message at sandra@helix-orange.com

About HELIX Orange — Your Digital Identity Platform

HELIX Orange is a project by Blockchain HELIX AG, a german technology company, developing Digital Identity solutions on the basis of blockchain. Blockchain HELIX’ new project HELIX Orange provides a sustainable ICO marketplace connecting quality ICO projects with KYC-ready investors.

HELIX Orange is building an ecosystem for the next generation of funding and investing- the ICO economy. Based on a state-of-the-art digital identity solution, the HELIX ID and powered by a permissioned Blockchain system, HELIX Orange creates a new ecosystem of trust for all acting parties around ICOs to become the go-to platform for serious ICO investments.

The platform and the Identity Service is already in an MVP state.

For more information and insights join the HELIX Orange Telegram community: https://t.me/helixorange

Media Contact: sandra@helix-orange.com

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