Blockchain & ICO events (4/12–10/12)

Hello and welcome to this weeks ICOadvert’s review of the upcoming Blockchain related events.

04.12.2017 — Blockchain World Conference (Thailand)


  • Investing, Finance & Legal keynote speakers
  • Panel discussion about ICOs, Smart Contracts & Trust and Security
  • Feature of the Latest & Future Developments and much More…

Note from author: World summit in the area of blockchain results in many positive and long-term connections. Especially nice is that it takes place in Bangkok, which is one great place to visit during the winter.

05.12.2017 — Moontec 2017 (Estonia)

  • The largest conference in Northern Europe, devoted to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology and its implementation in various industries
  • Keynote speakers from different industries will cover the following topics:

Note from author: I believe that Estonia will still produce many grand blockchain startups and this event will be a great spot for getting into the scene.

07.12.2017 — BConference: Lets Blockchain This World Together (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

  • Full-day conference: keynotes and panel discussions
  • Exhibition zone with product demonstration
  • Networking breaks

Note from author: This is without doubt an event that I would miss as the speaker lineup is not the most attractive and at the same time the event in Malta is taking place. On the positive side, there is a chance to meet investors, but do not expect a deal on the spot.

07.12.2017 — Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta (Malta)

  • Attendees of the event include: government officials, IT specialists & best experts of the industry well-known speakers.
  • Meet entrepreneurs, business angels, investors & lawyers (I know not the funniest people to meet, but if you’re planning an ICO then you have to be here).
  • There will be networking possibility and some representatives of largest financial organizations in Europe will be present.

Note from author: A series of international events have already been organised by the same people putting this event up. All of them have proven to be excellent for networking and finding potential new great startups.

08.12.2017 — Cryptospace Conference Moscow (Russia)

  • Great ticket pricing and still possibilities to get 10% discount;
  • Topics cover “How and why implement blockchain?” as well as “Tokensale (ICO) due diligence”
  • Cryptocurrency trading, Legal & Tax, Pre-ICO & ICO

09.12.2017 — d10e Exploring the Future of FinTech, ICOs, Blockchain, Sharing Economy, Future of Work & Disruptive Culture (Slovenia)

  • Highest level content with amazing speakers.
  • Investor networking possibilities during an extended period of time and in different settings.
  • Cultural tourism and visit of local sights.

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