Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does your dashboard have KYC integration?
Our Dashboards support a manual system of KYC as well as a Fully automated KYC developed in collaboration with Sum&Substance.

2. What would be cost of KYC?
The KYC usually comes built-in into our dashboards and are offered Free of cost.

3. Do you have a bounty platform?
Our Dashboards also have an inbuilt bounty platform which is semi- automated.

4. Which crypto wallets are supported by your dashboard?
Our Dashboards support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, NEO and Stellar cryto wallets. But we can add support to any other crypto wallets of your choice.

5. Do you accept Fiat?
We have partnered with Indacoin to make the dashboard fiat compliant. We also have support for Zotapay and coinpayments platform along with the wire transfer option.

6. Is the smart contract included in the dashboard?
Our dashboards have support for ERC20 or ERC223 smart contract. We can also integrate your smart contract with our dashboard.

7. Do you have type of accreditation investor check option? And How much does it cost?
We have partnered with Sum & Substance for this feature wherein the documents required for an accredited investor to pass KYC are automatically checked by Sum & Substance. It cost Free of cost as its included in the total cost fo the dashboard.

8. How does the wire transfer system work in your dashboard?
For Wire transfer we add a message with your contact details so that an investor can contact you directly to get the details for the wire transfer. Once the investor has sent you the funds, you can manually add the purchase to this investor

9. How long does it take to get a completely ready dashboard?
We can give you your completely ready dashboard in 24hs once we have all the info` from you needed for the dashboard setup.

10. Does your dashboard have support for Facebook pixels and Google Analytics?
Yes, our dashboard have these integrated into them. You just need to enter your tracking ID into the necessary fields.

11. Does your dashboard have a referral system?
Yes, our dashboards support 2 tier referral system.

12. Which mail service is used by your dashboard?
Our dashboards use sparkpost service to send mails from the dashboard. We also support mailchimp, mailterlite, sendgrid

13. Do you have access to the the funds collected?
We usually have access only to the public wallet addresses which we distribute to the investors for them to send the funds. We do not have access to the private keys of these wallets and will never ask for them too.

14. Can you customize the dashboard to match the taste of clients like change in design or any other changes?
We can fully customize the dashboard to match your expectations.

15. Do you have support social media sign-ins/-ups?
Yes, Our dashboard support sign-in/-up using most of the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, Reddit

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: