Telegram Expressed Recognition for has become the first company in the crypto industry that has efficiently launched the Telegram Passport as a source of KYC procedures. The team is happy to announce that we had been the first to create and actually implement a fully-developed operational product. Due to this fact, we have already received recognition from Telegram itself:, as well as other most significant resources such as Yahoo Finance.

Anton Sarychev, product owner: “This certainly is a breakthrough step for our company that aims to overgrow the start-up perception. Most importantly, this innovation will not only significantly fasten the KYC procedures, but will lure more clients, mostly because Telegram is the maverick, the social network everyone in the community uses.”

At the beginning of May, 2018 the Telegram messenger has created a specific service called Telegram Passport, that revolutionized the ID verification process. It was originally designed to verify the identity of a Telegram user. As reported, the user once has to download all the necessary data, which then is being instantly transferred through Telegram directly to its partners (in case — a KYC/AML provider). The user is also able to benefit from using partners’ services both inside Telegram and outside it.

As blockchain businesses across the globe quite often face legal and regulatory problems, Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering checks are vitally important for such companies. In order for a business to earn and keep their clean reputation is to identify their clientele, their investors, and make their transactions transparent. But staying afloat legally is difficult and sometimes costs weeks or months of verification. A really working automation of the KYC/AML procedures for ICOs was only a matter of time. KYC is the main issue concerning any successful ICO, which seeks to legalize its fees and open a bank account for project’s development. Conducting KYC-checks is a standard procedure for performing any decent ICO.

“The KYC procedures are extremely important for ICO and similar companies that deal with cryptocurrencies. We are very glad that we were able to nail down our cooperation with the Sum&Substance project, and become one of the first companies to install the Telegram Passport, as a new source of KYC.” — Sabir Magdeev, COO.

Telegram has proved the security of all its users’ data not once. And the main thing what makes’s partner Sum&Substance way of conducting KYC procedures the best at the market is the fact that the user is going to be fully secured by Telegram’s invulnerable encryption, protecting their data, while also allowing it to go through all the necessary checks the most comfortable, common and fastest way.

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