ICOadm.in provides Dark Web Monitoring services in collaboration with Breach Report

ICOadm.in has just announced its collaboration with Breach Report in order to enforce cybersecurity and avoid personal data theft. This is a problem that has been around for as long as the internet has existed, but it has become more of a real threat now.

This collaboration looks to provide a Dark Web Monitoring service that would eliminate the possibility of funds collected during ICO/STO from getting stolen or personal data being compromised by continuous monitoring of the dark web for any possible data leaks which includes scanning of all dark web forums with a 24/7 screening and alert service…

ICOadm.in is happy to announce the release of their new and extremely attractive tariff plans for their customers. This is part of their ongoing campaign to optimize their business which is necessary in order to provide a truly unique and quality experience for those who choose to use their services.

When you decide to become an ICOadm.in client, you are entitled to pick an outstanding starter plan which includes a fully customized ICO dashboard with an intuitive admin panel. You also get access to all major crypto, credit, debit and wire transfer features.

Their dashboards come with integrated KYC/AML solutions…

There is nothing more valuable for any company than growing and evolving at a steady pace. Fortunately for ICOadm.in, this has been the case with a very solid record of customer satisfaction. One of the greatest aspects of the business has been to maintain a constant evolution and to continue to grow in the industry.

ICOadm.in has reached its 50-client mark and they know that this is only the beginning in a journey that is going to come with many challenges. The growth and the constant innovative mindset of the ICOadm.in

The ICO phenomenon is huge and given the value of initial coin offerings, there are many agencies that are jumping into this industry to provide services to those who are looking to run a successful ICO. Unfortunately, this also means there will be scammers involved and people who are looking or dome quick money without providing any significant results.

There are literally thousands of agencies that are liming to be able to provide the best service to anyone who is looking to promote their ICO. …

Using optimal software for your pricing and quotation process is always going to be very important. The biggest problem that some companies face is that they don’t want to be spending too much money in this aspect of their business, but they often rush into the first solution they can find without evaluating their options.

Today, we are going to talk about the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) over flat fee structures when you choose your software for your ICO&STO.

1. Optimal architecture

One of the greatest advantages of SaaS is that it allows all users to use the same infrastructure…

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in an interview with the Paypers listed signs of a fraudulent initial coin offering schemes.

These include inaccurate data about the professional experience of project managers, overly aggressive ICO marketing, and unrealistic promises of future token profitability.

The fraud scheme may vary, but some of the consistent threads running throughout most ICO scams are misrepresentations regarding the principals’ experience, misrepresentations regarding industry’s interest in the ICO, and misrepresentations regarding the coin’s probable rate of return. …

Аfter the enormously successful ICO Pavel Durov provoked the news, in which messengers and cryptocurrencies went along. So, in the summer of 2018, the owner of Viber announced the desire to integrate the Rakuten Coin cryptocurrency into his messenger. And one of the most talked news this spring was Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative to launch Facebook Coin. Finally, in mid-March, Fnnews reported that South Korean KakaoTalk (the country’s largest messenger using more than 44 million people) plans to integrate cryptocurrency into its functionality.


Industry leaders clearly trace the formed user request for convenient cross-functional platforms. The audience of instant messengers no…

Primary exchange offers began to take place in 2017, but they became widespread only in the last few months. Their number in 2019 is growing exponentially

In the entire history of IEO, the number of announced, active and completed projects exceeded 50, according to ICOBench. The initial exchange offerings were launched in 2017, but they were widely distributed in early 2019, the portal tracks 16 sites that are held by crowdsales.

Most IEO held Exmarkets and Probit — 11 and 10. On the Binance platforms, 6 tokensales took place, Bittrex — 2, Kucoin, and Huobi — one by one. …

Last year, an alternative version of ICO — Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) has appeared. Primary exchange offers are different because non-project developers are looking for investors, and the cryptocurrency exchange selects promising teams and promotes their coins among their users.

The benefits and risks of IEO

Plenty of ICOs did not manage to pitch their token to the exchange. After all, according to the rules, the listing of coins does not occur immediately, but in several months after the completion of the tokensale. …

Santiment Analytics published data according to which from November 2018 to February 2019 ICO-projects sold 736,000 ETH. The largest number of coins was sold from December to January and amounted to 400,000 ETH.

The service analysts, relying on the information that the volume of air located in the repositories of the projects of the primary tokens placement fell from 3.3 million coins to 2.7 million, came to the conclusion that the new ICOs no longer cope with their tasks and do not compensate sales of the air. At the time of publication, the indicators of the liquidation of the reserves…

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