Why El Salvador Needs the Startup Incubator.

Apr 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Does size matter?

A question that has been asked by many for as long as anyone can remember — but not in the context you are probably thinking right now — we are asking this question as Entrepreneurs wanting to create something that challenges the status of business and Startups in the world.

El Salvador, Central America is a place that most people in the world would definitely categorize as “small” when you compare it with developed countries such as the United States, England, and Germany.

But going back to the question. Does size matter?

When our team and founders got together they heard the voices and opinions of hundreds of Entrepreneurs — talented teams of professionals whose business dreams had been slowed down –because of a Financial System that is unable or unwilling to support new companies. A financial structure that is not open to provide funding for new Startup companies.

Being a small country definitely hinders the possibilities for a Startup to access funding. But what about the advantages of being small?

Let’s think about how over-regulating something works. How bureaucracy is formed and how “red tape” is a nightmare for companies everywhere. Mega-Cities like San Francisco, New York, they’re cool and sexy but will it have the same impact than if you would focus your efforts in a small town? And would the characteristics that make them Mega-Cities end up slowing your company and business growth?

This is where size does make a difference. Many business models allow for locations to be flexible anyway so why limit yourself to the Silicon Valleys of the world when you can be a part of the new Smart City that may house the next unicorn in the crypto and blockchain world?

A small town that is not plagued with so much regulation that it hurts growth. A small place where you can experiment and perfect your product and service for a next-to-nothing cost. A small market to serve a big — no — Huge experience to understand your consumer on a personal level. This is the key to making Startups grow. And this is why Ahuachapan a small city located in El Salvador, Central America will be the next motherland of the most unique and effective Startup Incubator that has ever existed in the LATAM region and the world.

Our Startup Incubator has not been chosen randomly; a place with access to low cost electricity generated from geothermal power. A place that grows and consumes its own organic fruits and vegetables. A place filled with commerce and economic growth but that still holds its original arts and culture. This is the next place that will allow Startups, Cryptocurrencies, and Blockchain to merge as one force that will help our people and businesses become independent and self-sufficient.

Our vision is one that considers Ahuachapan, El Salvador as another team member. Another key player that does its part.

So, what is the role of El Salvador in all of this?

El Salvador has a key element that no other area provides quite like it. It is the human capital. The best labor and minds that will bend and break what the establishment says it is unbreakable and non-debatable is here first.

And we are using the same thirst for growth and professional and technical potential of each individual to take their own ideas and launch them without any limitations — hand by hand with the guidance of business experts that will shape the future of their Startups and translate each action as a long-term value add to the same Startup community that has launched it, enabling a cycle of growth like no other. El Salvador is only the beginning. The before picture so we can proudly show you the after picture when the transforming power of Entrepreneurial-driven change takes over the minds of an entire community — it all starts with a small tiny place — Where we guarantee you

that size does not matter.

Check out our website: https://sprintx.io

Learn more from our One Pager or Whitepaper there.

Join us and build the future. #LetsMakeItReal


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SprintX is a platform based on blockchain that helps entrepreneurs and start-ups to succeed.

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