Lonny’s tank

“Thompson’s Tank” in its calm state, no shotguns bristling from its gun ports anymore.
Johnson County’s MRAP, not quite fitting into a parking spot.
Johnson County EMA org chart as of February 2014
  1. At some point, in an informal conversation, Dave Wilson was asked by Pulkrabek “if the EMA commission might be interested in pooling funds or sharing the cost for future maintenance and operations” [of an MRAP] and Wilson said that he “would expect them to be interested in the project because it will likely get more use during blizzards, floods and natural disaster events then it would from active shooter events.”
  2. Despite the Sheriff’s repeated statements in the press that the six local agencies, including the EMA, “pooled forfeiture money from the Johnson County Drug Task Force for the transportation, painting and equipping,” the EMA Commission did not have any formal say in the matter. There was no vote at a commission meeting or a formal discussion that took place before the MRAP acquisition process was set in motion.
  3. As a matter of fact, the EMA is not a part of the Drug Task Force, and Wilson did not have any knowledge of how or when the decision to pull the forfeiture money from the Johnson County Drug Task Force was made.
  4. Lonny Pulkrabek did ask Dave Wilson to help with the paperwork to request the MRAP and “get it to Iowa”. Lonny’s ask was a verbal conversation between him and Dave.
  5. The paperwork was prepared and submitted to a regional 1033 Program’s manager, with only Dave Wilson and the Sheriff’s office being ‘in the know’.
  6. The submitted “Armored Vehicle (MRAP) Justification”, among other things, included the following statement:



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