Why DFINITY?Why Bob?

I. Response to Bob Bodily’s slander

Hi Bob,originally we didn’t want to reply to you and these malicious speculations because we don’t want to spend our time on meaningless things, our precious time should be more spent on developing, creating, promoting the product and build the community for creating a fair, open and active,liquid NFT project ecosystem on DFINITY. But based on your aggressiveness, which even rose to the level of initiating threats against us, we decided to reply to you publicly.

We believe DFINITY is an open development platform on which anyone or any team is free to develop projects, which is the decentralized spirit of blockchain.

In response to your attack tweet post we made the following reply.

Q1: ❌Claiming false partnerships

R1: This is a misunderstanding, we don’t deny that in order to promote the project, our marketers went to other ICP related Twiter accounts to leave messages, the purpose of our messages is: to get more people to see us, many projects on the blockchain will take this kind of promotion. We did not falsely “claim to cooperate”, we simply expressed our “intention to cooperate”, but the attitude of the other party seemed to be very excited. Here is the story and the screenshot of the communication.

Screenshot of the messages we carried out under other Twitter accounts
Screenshots of communication with theswop.icp where the misunderstanding occurred

Q2: ❌Spamming all #ICP tweets with their project

R2: It’s just a marketing method, just as you get a lot of advertising emails in your Google mailbox every day.It’s not a reason to define us as a bad project, and we reject such slander.

Also, it is our legitimate right for the team to use the #ICP tag during our marketing. In the whole decentralized world of blockchain, you, me, all of us have the right to use that tag freely.

Imagine Bob you came up with such a feeble excuse when you were struggling to think of a reason to attack us and couldn’t find one. I believe the world of Web 3.0 is a more open world, and Dfinity, as the leader of Web3.0, should be ashamed of the existence of people like you.

And be ashamed of it, the point of existence of crypto market is to oppose people like you who set access rules for the overall crypto market and tell others what is allowed and what is not.Sorry, as the inheritors of blockchain spirit, we do not allow such self-righteous authority to appear and the crypto world does not need authority!

Q3: ❌Derivative project (not original art)

R3:There is a detailed statement about artistic creation within our first Medium article, if you haven’t read it carefully, here is the link:https ://medium.com/@ICPMutantBapes/icp-mutant-baby-apes-club-6c34ccd97380

We are creating derivative works as a tribute to BAYC. These works are the intellectual result of the team, the outcomes of our labor! Our works have not appeared identical on other trading platforms such as Opensea! It is not a direct copy as you say. You deny the artistic creation of others without solid evidence, which is the behavior of uncivilized and vulgar barbarians!

Q4: ❌No website

R4:I don’t understand why use a website to malign a project. When we posted all of our plans in the medium under the pre-existing, but also continue to private message us threatening to unite all project parties to take bad measures against us. Such behavior of yours completely breaks the whole decentralized vision of blockchain.

I have some questions.Does every project party working to build Dfinity here need to give you a review for development? Does it need to apply to you? Who gave you the right to do so? Where does your authoritarian underpinning come from? Who is behind you? We believe that Dfinity is a decentralized plantform and not a monopoly area for you and your group.

Website under development by us

Q5: ❌Nothing known about project founders

R5: Project Founders is a team of 12 developers from ETH. The team has been following Dfinity closely and trying to develop on the ecosystem.

We found that Dfinity is very early development and very promising, Dfinity’s technical advantages: no gas fees to mint/transact; all assets on chain; cheap storage costs, so we decided to develop in Dfinity, as Dfinity community pioneers / pioneers / contributors.

Storage cost on Dfinity

Team researc on Dfinity is still very few projects, and not many quality projects, the team currently wants to make quality projects in the Dfinity ecosystem to give back to the Dfinity community which was the core idea of our team and the reason why we abandoned ETH to come to Dfinity to develop it.

Does the fact that no one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is deny the value of BTC?

In summary

None of the above five points of Qs are direct and strong evidence, they are all unfounded slanders. On the contrary, we fresh developers can see the closed state and narrow-mindedness of some early or existing developers of Dfinity, who want to exclude emerging forces and achieve their own purpose of establishing monopoly in the Dfinity ecosystem.

Some fear more powerful developers.


II.Opportunities and Challenges for Dfinity

2021 is the year of the rise of many new blockchains, a year in which ETH and its latent chains have exploded one after another with various types of projects being developed on them, including but not limited to: Defi/NFT/GameFi/Mateverse/SocialFi…

Dfinity blockchain is designed to consistently process an immense volume of updates and transactions without compromising on speed, security, Where Network Neural Systems (NNS) and add new subnetworks and nodes as needed. Its speed and scalability make it Its speed and scalability make it possible for smart contracts to deliver web content to end users and for web-based applications to run entirely on the chain. It is the world’s fastest public blockchain, with 250,000 queries per second and 11,500 transactions per second, more than 11 times faster than Solana. When you combine the fastest blockchain with advanced DeFi capabilities, the possibilities are endless!

Unlike other blockchains, Dfinity has a lot of advantages in terms of technology, resources and background!

The challenges faced by dfinity are focused on the lack of asset layers, the uneven quality of application layer projects, the performance of token value on CEX has repeatedly hurt investors’ hearts and demoralized investors. The token standard of WICP has not been unified, causing a lot of confusion to users;the official token standard has not been given, and all ecological Defi projects rely on PPT; the community is niche and narrow and not united … These problems have led to an unusually slow pace of development for the entire DFINITY blockchain.

The team is happy to see the integration of Dfinity with BTC, the development of SNS, Defi and stable coin in steady progress. We decided it was time to do something about dfinity! Yes this is the time we came.

On the first day of the project, we were insulted and defamed by the self-proclaimed “Sherlock Holmes” of the ecology, and the team could not stand the harassment from them in the ecology development.

As the builder of the ecology we are very hurt, as the Dfinity community has such a group of people we feel very ashamed and angry, as the interests of the whole community we choose to forgive, we will next step by step to achieve the team’s established goals with strength back to those who have been supporting us!


III. What ICP Mutant baby apes will bring to the Dfinity ecosystem

  • Build and operate a strong community as well as explore the path to achieve Dao governance on Dfinity.
  • Build ICP MBAC brand influence and attract more new users to the ICP ecosystem.
  • Building an ecology around ICP MBAC will bring online the highly innovative NFT Market and other application products, making ICP MBAC a virtuous cycle of ecological projects that expand infinitely.
  • The team is doing a long term thing, so we lock the 10% of NFT set aside by the team for 1 year; at the same time, after the public sale reaches a certain percentage, there will be a random destruction from it, which will be very interesting, because it may destroy to very rare NFT, who knows?

More details will be announced in the future.

Remember, there is more than one NFT Market on ICP, there will be countless NFT Markets entering the ICP ecology, who is the most innovative, who can best meet the needs of users, who walks in the front of Web 3.0, who can really live!

Instead of, closed vicious competition.


This is the first and will be the last time we reply to these frivolous queries and slanders.

  • First of all we don’t want our users who support us to attack anyone, time should be spent in a meaningful way, we work together to contribute to the Dfinty .
  • Secondly, Bob also DM us to make some threats, we decided not to release this screenshot at the moment because we want to give Bob a chance.After all, we are all developers who contribute to ICP’s ecology together.
  • Finally if Bob is willing, we would like to send you an ICP Mutant baby ape, because we think you have a strange little mutant ape inside you too.



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