My name is Jermaine Taylor. I am a 34 year old black man born and raised on the inner city streets of Boston, Ma. I was asked to share my thoughts and feelings on the George Floyd tragedy, the Central Park incident, and police brutality overall.

I’d like to begin with the fact that I am numb! So many of the people around me say the same. I had my first weapon drawn on me at 13 years old by a white male BPD officer that I was running away from. I seen a person murdered at 9. Then again…

In Boston, the victims of violent crime are overwhelmingly men of color. The homicide rate for young black men is more than 32 times that of young white men. Moreover, the criminal justice system in the United States disproportionately punishes people of color. While black men make up only 13% of the population, they comprise 35% of those incarcerated. Over 1/3 of black men will be incarcerated during their lifetime, as will 1/6 of Latino men. …

At ICW the Students are the experts

The Challenge: Gun violence is about to surpass vehicle accidents as the leading cause of death for young people ages 14–24. As a society, we spend more on gun violence than on obesity and almost as much as Medicaid.

2,900 Americans die from gun violence every month, the majority are victims of street violence.In cities like Boston, just a few hundred youth generate more than half of all gun violence. That is a problem we can solve.

1% of youth are driving 50% of gun violence. While the problem seems insurmountable, by reaching a relatively small number of high impact…

InnerCity Weightlifting (ICW)

We reduce youth violence by increasing the economic mobility and social inclusion of proven-risk young people through career tracks in and beyond fitness.

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