ICWhiskers NFT Project Update

GM everyone, it has been a while since we updated the community about our progress. Currently, we are finalizing and polishing the artwork of our whiskers. So here are some brief updates about the project.

So What are IC Whiskers?

IC Whiskers will be 10,000 collectible Cat NFTs that will be sold on the Internet Computer Protocol NFT marketplace. IC Whiskers will not be breedable and therefore, we will be creating a breedable collection that will be airdropped to the holders of the collection.

Meanwhile, the artist is also creating the Metacats Airdrop collection, which was intended to be an airdrop for DSCVR users for their contributions to the platform. The collection will be airdropped once it finishes.

Want to meet the team?

  • Izzy is the founder and the lead artist of ICWhiskers. She worships cats and has been drawing for over 9 years. She posts her work on Instagram and has chosen IC to deploy her NFT project.
  • catpirate is the project manager and CTO for ICWhiskers. You can find him ranting on Twitter sometimes. He loves the IC and always wants to build new stuff on ICP.
  • Our fellow devs will join us soon :)

Some of the artworks from our collections

ICWhiskers NFT Collection
Metacats Variation

Few milestones from our side.

  1. Finish the soft launch on CrowdFund NFT Platform
  2. Metacats NFT Airdrop to the Community.
  3. ICWhiskers NFT Collection Sale will be held in early April on CCC NFT Marketplace.
  4. Our Second collection for IC Whiskers Holders and updating the roadmap.

The roadmap can change along the way, but the basic idea is to create Cryptokitties on steroids powered by bleeding-edge smart contracts of Internet Computer Protocol.

Here’s our DSCVR Portal, Feel free to join for more archives and information on the project.


Sale details for IC Whiskers have been announced on our discord, and here they are.

  • Public Sale: 1.5 ICP / Mint — No discount/incentives for bulk buy.
  • Whitelisted/Early Whiskers: 1 ICP / Mint
  • Collection Size: 10,000

Every NFT will be distributed randomly [including the airdrops], the team will not hold any NFTs in their wallet.

Our sale will be held on CCC Protocol NFT Marketplace and we hope you guys do join us. IC Whiskers will provide the users with access to the Project. Think of it as a pass. But whats more interesting is that ICP NFTs can do wonders that are not possible with any other blockchain, including the on-chain hosting of everything.

So far we have not applied for the DFINITY grant or conducted a sale elsewhere. We are planning to raise funds for the development through CrowdFund NFT on the Internet Computer Protocol. As the name suggests, this service will help us raise funds through crowdfunding on the Internet Computer Protocol.

We plan on opening the crowdfunding for 100 Spots for 3.5 ICP each, and the investors will receive the perks for supporting us to build the project.

These giftbox includes:

  • gmZERO NFT on Crowdfund
  • gmZERO role on DSCVR and discord
  • 1 x Airdrop of ICWhiskers NFT
  • 1 x IC Whiskers Whitelist — for wallet address — Whitelisting for ICWhiskers Sale — allows the purchase of 1 NFT before the public sale during whitelist round.
  • 1 X Metacats airdrop — for wallet address.

More details about Crowdfund will be released on our discord.

Crowdfund proof of attendance NFT variation

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A collection of 10,000 NFT Whiskers will be launched on the #InternetComputer Protocol. Join our discord for updates!

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ICWhiskers ∞

ICWhiskers ∞

A collection of 10,000 NFT Whiskers will be launched on the #InternetComputer Protocol. Join our discord for updates!

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