On the need for a C# Renaissance

In 2011, Bob Lee, speaking at OSCON, rallied Java developers against the decline in the usage of that language post the rise of Ruby on Rails, and identified that the time was right for a Java Renaissance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-PyVYY7QFI

In 2017, we need to rally C# developers against the server-side decline of the language, post the rise of Rails, Django and Node.JS. The time is right for a C# Renaissance.

This is a long post, but I want to cover off a number of things.

First, some may doubt that we are in any kind of Dark Ages that requires a Renaissance Certainly for developers targeting Windows Desktop there is little competition; Xamarin does well on Mobile; and Unity is strong in games programming. And any look at job data suggests there are a lot of vacancies for .NET developers. But for server side .NET, many have a nagging feeling that there, the jobs are drying up and there are fewer new projects. I will demonstrate with some data, why folks are feeling that, as on the server, the picture is less rosy. …


Ian Cooper

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