Daily analyze of digital coins 20190722


1. On July 18, the U.S. Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued a new regulatory circular №19–24 to reiterate the long-term requirement for FINRA-registered companies to consult FINRA before launching new activities in the field of encryption. Financial companies need to report the encrypted areas of business include: 1. purchase, sale or execution of digital assets or investments in digital assets funds; 2. creation, management or advisory services of funds related to digital assets; 3. participation in initial or secondary issuance of digital assets (such as ICO); 4. creation or management of digital assets. Secondary trading platforms, or hosting or similar arrangements for digital assets; 5. Any other use of distributed ledger technology or block chain technology; 6. Encryption of currency mining operations.

2. Facebook is considering redesigning the Libra network framework after this week’s “Libra Hearings” in both houses of Congress, due to differences with regulators. This means that the previously claimed concept of decentralized network may change. (astechnica)

BTC withdrew slightly from yesterday night to now, with a rebound near $10300 at the lowest. In the past 24 hours, the net outflow of BTC funds is less than 10 million US dollars. The inflow and outflow of BTC funds are flat. Yesterday, it was mentioned that there is greater resistance near 11,000 US dollars above. Within days, withdrawal may occur. At present, the four-hour line to see the continuous inter-cell oscillation of BTC, but it is noteworthy that the weekly line receives a long shadow line, the medium-term trend continues to rise more likely, if the resistance can break through the vicinity of $11,000, then BTC is expected to explore the space operation above $12,000 again. Back-to-back support position can consider appropriate warehousing, pay attention to control. Warehouse position.

Yesterday night so far, ETH has been shaking slightly with the market, currently hovering around $225. In the past 24 hours, the net outflow of ETH funds is not more than 10 million US dollars, and the inflow and outflow of ETH funds are basically flat. Looking at the 4-hour line, ETH has maintained a low shock since the low rebound of US$2000. The long shadow cross line has been retrieved from the weekly line. There are signs of stabilizing the rebound. The continued shock here does not rule out the possibility that the main force will continue to attract funds. The upper resistance is $235, and the lower support is $200. In terms of operation, at present, ETH is still adjusting at the bottom of the shocks, and can wait for the low level to gradually build warehouses, so it is not appropriate to act too quickly.

BCH retreated to the lowest position of US$310 in the short-term yesterday. Looking at the supporting position below, the circumference of the large-scale market showed signs of warming up. Follow-up attention to the general situation was only stepped up on the technical side. Looking at the level of the daily line, it was smaller yesterday after inserting needles upward the previous day. Shock, the top still pay attention to the position of $343–357, 4 hours short-term tread back to see $307, the current short-term may continue to tidy up, as long as the support level does not fall synchronously to pay attention to the market situation. Continue to hold positions below the support level in trading, pay attention to the trend of the market, or add positions appropriately after breaking through the resistance level.

Yesterday, it was mentioned that EOS is unlikely to make a direct upward breakthrough. It retreated from $4.45 to $4.15, showing an overall oscillating disk. Dayline level is to see if it can stand on the MA10 maze and continue to tidy up, waiting for short-term opportunities. Technically, the dayline level receives a cross with a shadow line at the position of MA10. If you can stand at this position, you can still see the position of $4.87 above the mid-track, while the position of $4.45 on the four-hour line is obviously blocked, and the short line may continue to be sorted out in small areas. Bottom positions on the transaction continue to be held, which is not clear enough to take a safe position.

The net 24-hour outflow of XRP is about 65 million RMB, mainly USDT and KRM outflow. On the technical side, XRP slightly fell to four hours yesterday near Brin Medium Rail this morning rebounded, trading volume continued to decline. At present, the market sentiment is general, and the short-term market probability of XRP will continue to consolidate the volatility range, which is between $0.31 and $0.35. If the bulls can keep their savings above the resistance level of $0.35, then the following market is expected to see the operation above $0.38. Short-term market neutral shocks are dominant, and traders can hold money to wait and see. For entrants, they can gradually enter the market at the low level of shocks.

In terms of capital flow, LTC has a net outflow of 160 million yuan in the past 24 hours, mainly USDT cash withdrawal. The turnover rate has dropped to about 37%, and the market sentiment is general. On the technical side, LTC market was consolidated in narrow cross section near Brin Medium Rail for four hours yesterday, and the market was on the sidelines. Short-term market continues to link the market, the day’s probability will continue to oscillate range consolidation, the lower support level is 95 U.S. dollars support, after breaking down, pay attention to 88 U.S. dollars. At present, there are only more than 10 days left to halve the incentive, paying attention to the risk of a substantial withdrawal. Operationally, it is recommended that the spot rebound to the resistance level and reduce the warehouse appropriately, break the support and leave the market in time, and the futures are 2–3 times short.