IDAX Research Center : Daily Analysis of Digital Currencies 20191113

Nov 13, 2019 · 5 min read


1.CME announced that it will launch bitcoin options on January 13, 2020.According to reports, CME implements bitcoin options to help institutions and professional traders manage bitcoin spot risk exposure and hedge bitcoin futures positions in a regulated trading environment.

2.The Tunisian central bank has denied reports that it has launched a central bank digital currency.In a statement this week, the Tunisian central bank dismissed rumours that it had become the first monetary authority to issue a central bank digital currency (CBDC).The Tunisian central bank has admitted that it is considering the establishment of a CBDC because it is studying alternatives to the existing currency, but there is no plan to put e-dinar into use.

3.According to Paolo ardoino, chief technology officer of bitfinex and tether, bitfinex plans to offer options as early as the first quarter of 2020.Compliant permanent swaps and a package of futures are coming soon.He also said the company was planning to launch a stable currency, tether gold, backed by gold, but did not give more details about the new cryptocurrency.

Market Analysis

BTC — Yesterday evening, the trend of BTC continued to test downward, falling to the lowest point of 8580 near midnight, and then rebounded. At present, the BTC has been adjusted above 8700.On the four-hour line level, BTC was blocked and suppressed in the middle rail 8800 of the brin belt, and failed to launch further offensive. However, BTC is in an upward trend at present. If it can stand on the 8800, it is expected to launch further continuation.The daily average of ma30 at the daily level forms a support, and the overall range is 8600–8900, with 8800–8900 USD as the small pressure range.Pay attention to 8800–8900 high point resistance position above and 8600–8700 support interval below.In terms of operation, it is recommended to follow up the 8750–8700 area and see the 8900–9000 area as the main area.

ETH — Yesterday, ETH rebounded after a small decline in the market. At present, ETH is hovering between the 60 day average and the 120 day average, with a solid momentum and a stable bottom.If the price further breaks through the 5-day and 10-day averages, the upward attack is expected to continue further, and the opening of the brin belt shrinks, the range shrinks, and the upward space is also compressed, then it is likely to face strong resistance suppression in the future. If it can break through, it will form a trend of upward market.Focus on the 185.5–186.5 support interval below, and focus on 192–190 resistance suppression.In terms of operation, it is suggested to support bargain hunting in the lower range.

BCH — BCH followed the pace of the market yesterday, falling to a 280 low point for a rebound, and is currently trading around 285.On the hourly line, BCH is below the middle track of the brin belt, and MACD is in the form of flat oscillation. BCH17 forced bifurcation, short-term support level 278–282 US dollars, pressure level 300–308 US dollars.In terms of operation, it is suggested to go long at bargain hunting.

EOS — Yesterday, the overall EOS market is still in a high consolidation state, and it still needs time to maintain the mid line market. It is expected to come to a breakthrough point on the market, and spot can be held at a low level.On the technical side, EOS at the daily line level came to the support position near the middle rail of the brin belt, and the lower support position range saw $3.3–3.4. With the narrowing of the brin belt channel, it is expected to usher in a key breakthrough point.The short-term fluctuation of the four-hour level is relatively large yesterday, but the overall level is still in a horizontal position.In terms of operation, the short-term line remains on the sidelines, while the middle line can be bargain hunting.

ETC — Yesterday night, etc fell rapidly to $4.8, then rebounded rapidly, and now it is fluctuating at $4.9.On the technical side, the four display average lines are arranged in a short position, and the volume of transactions has shrunk. The daily level Bollinger belt continues to lock. At present, the K line is weakly supported by the middle track of the Bollinger belt, while the MACD high dead fork, the overall disk surface is poor.Etc short-term performance will not be too good, still short, bottom support note $4.75.In terms of operation, it’s OK to keep the spot low, and it’s not recommended to operate the futures leverage for the time being.

XRP — Yesterday XRP has been in a downward trend, the amount of energy rising is not big, at present, XRP is in shock treatment near 0.271.If today decline cannot be stopped above 0.27, the trend will continue to rise downward. The daily MACD index will break the 0-axis and continue to move downward. There is a trend of further rising downward. The follow-up trend is still in a downward trend of shock. However, the long volume can gradually weaken, and the follow-up will also give the opportunity for the long counter attack. In the near future, focus on the 0.27 first-line support, and appropriate layout can be achieved,suggest to wait until the situation reverses.

LTC — Since yesterday, LTC has been vibrating near the lower line of the uplink channel, and it bounced back to the middle track after puncturing the lower line at night.In terms of capital, LTC shows that the net outflow of capital is about 270 million yuan, and the turnover rate is about 35%.Technically, in four hours, the short-term upside is likely to be lower. Yesterday, we tested the lower boundary several times. At present, the K line is near the boundary.The domestic market pays attention to the support position below. If it fails to stabilize after breaking the position, it is possible to explore the support position.At present, the trend is weak and there is a possibility of a callback.In terms of operation, the low spot can stop the surplus properly, and buy after callback. It is suggested to keep the wait-and-see for the future leverage.


This morning, BTC quickly rose to $8837 and then continued to fall. Now it is fluctuating above 8700, temporarily at $8716.71, down 0.02% in 24 hours.Since yesterday was resumption, the price fluctuation of most currencies has remained below 3%, and only a few currencies, such as ONT and Neo, have risen about 8%.

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