Join MIC Official Telegram Group, To Win 150,000 MIC Airdrop!

Event time: 10th May 00:00:00–16th Apr 23:59:59 (UTC+8)

Event reward: 150,000 MIC

Event rules:

1 During the event, IDAX real-name users will receive 5 MIC when they join the MIC official telegram group: time you successfully invite a friend to join the MIC official telegram group, you will receive an additional 5 MIC. The total number of awards is 150,000 MIC, first come first served, while stock lasts.

Note: How to be considered a successful invitation to a friend?

(1) First add the invitee as a friend

(2) Add the friend invitation to the telegram group. After successful, you will see the prompt text, that is, invite the friend successfully.

(3) Each user who joins the official telegram group is required to provide a screenshot of the group to receive the event reward. If the screenshot is not submitted, it is deemed to be automatically waived.

(4) If you are invited to join the community, please fill out the inviter IDAX account in the form. If not filled in, the inviter reward will be considered invalid.

(5) Each invited user can only fill in one inviter IDAX account. If the submission is repeated, the final submission will prevail.

Link of the event:

2 The awards will be awarded to the winners within 10 working days after completion of the event.

3 The platform will conduct a rigorous qualification review of the account. Once the account is found to be maliciously earning rewards, it will immediately cancel its eligibility and refuse to provide other transaction related services to the account.

4 The final interpretation of this event is owned by IDAX.

About MIC

Mindexcoin is a complete project that includes its own blockchain technology, a safe and fast cryptocurrency (MIC), an effective wallet (MindexWallet) and its own payment system (Mindexpay). Mindexcoin is a new cryptocurrency in the market and, with a great team of developers (Intergalaxy SA), is a promising project with a new roadmap for 2019.

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